How to solve puzzles and Beat Boss in PUBG Mobile

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January 2, 2023

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How to solve puzzles and defeat the boss in PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG Mobile, a new mode is recently introduced named as Ancient Secret Mode. This new mode is played on both Miramar and Erangel maps. In this mode, players have to fight against the secret boss. This mode is filled with Egyptian background temples and has many features, such as special loot crates and floating temples. This article will guide you on how to defeat the secret boss by solving different puzzles.

How to solve the puzzles in PUBG Mobiles?

There are four puzzles that you will find after reaching the floating temple. You will get golden loot crates as rewards by solving the puzzles. Solving these puzzles is not difficult, but this can be tricky for new players. Here are some tips that will help you in solving the puzzles.

Lotus Puzzle

Use the press button and crosshair to press each figure and light up all the nine lotus pictures.

Scarab Puzzle

This puzzle is question-based. A question will appear on the screen once you get close to the Scarab. You need to answer this question. Put Erangel as your answer to solve the Scarab puzzle.

Animal Puzzle

In this puzzle, the animals are arranged in a specific order below the board. You need to light up the boards according to the animal’s order.

Sphinx Puzzle

In Sphinx puzzles, the animal body parts are glowing in a particular direction. Adjust the sphinx according to that particular direction.

How to defeat the boss in Ancient Secret Mode?

There is a room containing boxes on the top floor of the temple. The boss will appear after activating the boxes.

The boss will attack you through spikes, snakes, and storm. Inflict more damage on the boss by aiming at his head. You should not worry about the use of ammo because the Ammos are available abundantly on the floor. During the fight, a yellow spotlight will help you in restoring your health. This yellow spotlight will appear multiple times, and you have to go under this light to restore your health. You will get 8x scope, AWM, etc., as rewards when you kill the boss.

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