5 Most Popular Mobile Game in USA

Discover the most popular mobile game in the USA, from the AR adventure of "Pokémon GO" to the addictive puzzles of "Candy Crush Saga."
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Mar 24, 2024
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Mobile gaming has witnessed explosive growth in recent years, with millions of Americans turning to their smartphones for entertainment on the go. Here is the list of the top 10 mobile games in the USA:

“Pokémon GO” (Niantic)

“Pokémon GO” took the world by storm upon its release in 2016, and its popularity remains unrivaled. With its captivating AR technology and the thrill of encountering beloved Pokémon in real-world locations, “Pokémon GO” has transformed the way players interact with their surroundings, encouraging exploration, exercise, and community engagement. This augmented reality game allows players to capture, train, and battle virtual Pokémon in real-world locations. With its innovative gameplay and nostalgic appeal, “Pokémon GO” has become a cultural phenomenon, fostering a sense of exploration and community interaction among players. Its constant updates and events keep the game fresh and engaging, making it a long-standing favorite for mobile gamers.

“Candy Crush Saga” (King)

Few mobile games have achieved the level of success and recognition that “Candy Crush Saga” has enjoyed. This addictive puzzle game challenges players to match colorful candies to clear levels and progress through a seemingly endless array of challenges. With its vibrant visuals, simple mechanics, and satisfying gameplay loop, “Candy Crush Saga” has captured the hearts of casual gamers and dedicated players alike, making it a staple on many smartphones.

“Fortnite” (Epic Games)

“Fortnite” revolutionized the gaming industry with its battle royale mode, attracting a massive player base across different platforms, including mobile. Offering fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and a distinct visual style, “Fortnite” pits players against each other in a fight for survival. Its regular updates, social elements, and cross-platform compatibility contribute to its widespread popularity, solidifying its position as one of the top mobile games in the USA.

Known for its dynamic building mechanics, intense gunfights, and frequent in-game events, Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating players with its ever-evolving world, vibrant visuals, and its ability to bring friends and players from different platforms together.

“Clash of Clans” (Supercell)

“Clash of Clans” introduced the world to the addictive realm of mobile strategy games. In this multiplayer experience, players build and defend their own villages, train armies, and engage in epic battles with other players. With its deep progression system, cooperative gameplay, and competitive elements, “Clash of Clans” has captivated strategy enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant and dedicated player community.

“Among Us” (InnerSloth)

“Among Us” emerged as a surprise hit in 2020, captivating players with its deception-based multiplayer gameplay. Set aboard a spaceship, players assume the roles of crewmates, trying to complete tasks while identifying impostors among them. The game’s social deduction mechanics, combined with its lighthearted visuals and engaging gameplay, have made “Among Us” a popular choice for casual gamers and online communities, leading to countless hilarious and suspenseful gaming moments.


These five mobile games have left an indelible mark on the gaming landscape in the USA. “Pokémon GO,” “Candy Crush Saga,” “Fortnite,” “Clash of Clans,” and “Among Us” offer unique experiences across various genres, appealing to a wide range of players. With their immersive gameplay, innovative concepts, and constant updates, these games have earned their place as the most popular mobile games, providing entertainment and enjoyment to millions of mobile gamers throughout the country.

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