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The game's playability in Touch Himawari is very simple to design. The game is played in a way that you are not able to play any particular character.
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September 13, 2023
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Touch Himawari APK is a simulation game where you flirt and chat with attractive women. If you’re able to beat these girls, you can get married to them. Touch Himawari APK

Introduction of Touch Himawari

Touch Himawari is released by an anonymous person and isn’t an official development company. This means that you won’t find this game on official app marketplaces. Our readers’ version is an APK specifically designed for Android devices. Here are some lines of introduction to the game. Then there will be a download link for the Touch Himawari APK game.

Touch Himawari APK Features

Check these interesting features of the game.

Interactive simulation gameplay

The game’s playability in Touch Himawari is very simple to design. The game is played in a way that you are not able to play any particular character. Simply put, you get to know your life as the game’s principal characters. These are gorgeous anime girls. Every day, you have to engage and talk with them. After some time, you can play with them and get them attracted to you. Touch Himawari APK Then, the dates are held. You will be able to interact with these characters in your way. It is possible to understand the interaction in the same way as you do with the game’s name. In the game, the principal character that is the most well-known is Himawari. Find a way of overcoming them. Sometimes, you must make decisions and choices for certain scenarios that occur during the game. This choice could alter the course of the story. The gameplay is very like today’s video novel games.

Play mini-games

In addition to the primary game mode, you may play a variety of exciting mini-games. For instance, ball-shooting, exploring caves, mountains, etc. These games offer simple gameplay but are mostly designed for enjoyment. In the ball shooting game, you must finish the levels to unlock the character’s picture. When you’ve completed each level, you will be able to see a brand new picture of Himawari.

Pixel graphics

The creator wants to provide an entirely new experience to the genre of simulation games. The game also features traditional pixel-style graphics. All graphics in the game are made with a very simple design. The characters themselves are cartoon-like.

Download Himawari APK Latest Version for Android

The game, in general, Touch Himawari, brings a unique simulation game. It’s an experience that many people will enjoy, especially Anime enthusiasts. Download it today through here.


You’ve had enough of playing the same games and are ready to discover the world of anime. Android users should install Touch Himawari 2022 from here. Enjoy exploring the games that simulate anime for free.

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