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Optimize your Android's storage with Storage Space MOD APK – your all-in-one solution for efficient storage management.
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September 03, 2023
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Storage Space is a valuable storage management tool for Android users, offering a simple yet powerful solution to optimize system storage on their devices. With this tool, users can effortlessly scan, analyze, and manage their storage space, gaining a comprehensive understanding of available storage and file types. From the built-in App Manager to the File Manager feature, Storage Space MOD APK provides a range of features to streamline storage management on Android devices. Additionally, the inclusion of convenient widgets ensures easy access and control of the app’s features right from the home screen.

Storage Space MOD APK

Features of Storage Space

Here are the unique features discussed in detail:

System Storage Analysis

Storage Space allows users to perform a comprehensive scan and analysis of their system, providing accurate information about available storage space. Gain insights into the occupied and free storage space on your device.

Detailed Storage Allocation

With Storage Space, users can obtain a complete overview of their current storage allocation. Understand how much space is occupied by different file types, such as photos, videos, documents, apps, and more.

App Manager

Efficiently manage your installed apps with the built-in App Manager. Easily view, install, and uninstall apps from a single interface, freeing up valuable storage space and keeping your device organized.

File Manager

Access the File Manager feature to browse, open, and interact with all existing files on your system. Easily locate and manage files, delete unnecessary ones, and organize your data for better storage utilization.

Storage Space MOD

Storage Usage History

Track the history of your storage usage over time. Identify trends and patterns to proactively manage and optimize your storage space, ensuring efficient utilization and preventing storage-related issues.

Junk File Cleanup

Storage Space MOD APK includes a junk file cleanup feature, allowing users to quickly identify and remove unnecessary files that take up valuable storage space. Clear cache files, temporary files, and other clutter to free up storage.

Duplicate File Finder

Locate and delete duplicate files on your device with the Duplicate File Finder feature. Remove unnecessary file duplicates, reclaiming storage space and improving device performance.

SD Card Management

Effortlessly manage storage on your SD card. View its available space, analyze storage usage, and transfer files between internal storage and the SD card for efficient storage management.

Convenient Widgets

Enable convenient widgets on your device’s home screen for quick and easy access to Storage Space’s features. Monitor storage space, run scans, and perform storage management tasks without opening the app.

Storage Notifications

Receive notifications and alerts regarding your device’s storage status. Stay informed about low storage space and take immediate action to optimize storage and prevent potential issues.


Storage Space is an essential tool for Android users seeking efficient storage management. With features like system storage analysis, detailed storage allocation, app and file management, junk file cleanup, and more, the app empowers users to optimize their storage space and enhance device performance. Whether it’s freeing up storage, organizing files, or monitoring storage usage, Storage Space offers a comprehensive solution to ensure efficient storage utilization on Android devices. Take control of your device’s storage and enjoy a clutter-free and optimized storage experience with Storage Space.

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