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Experience precision shooting on your mobile with Shooting King MOD APK. Explore scenic ranges, master virtual rifle skills, and enjoy realistic graphics.
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Feb 1, 2024
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Shooting King is a mobile shooting sports game where players use their virtual rifle skills to hit targets across various scenic ranges. Developed by Mobirix Corporation, Shooting King provides an entertaining and accessible way for mobile gamers to experience the thrill of target shooting. With smooth 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, and varied shooting locations, Shooting King MOD APK aims to transport players to the shooting range through their mobile device.


The core gameplay of Shooting King involves aiming down the sights of a rifle and firing at popup targets. Players use touch controls to position the rifle and tap to take shots. Targets appear one at a time in different positions on the range, and players must quickly and accurately hit each target for points. Scores are tallied based on speed and accuracy.

Shooting King MOD APK

Different game modes provide variety, such as timed challenges to hit as many targets as possible within a set time limit. As players level up, new guns and upgrades become available to purchase with in-game currency earned from gameplay. Additional guns have unique recoil patterns and accuracy that change the targeting experience.

Special Shooting Ranges

One of the distinctive features of Shooting King is its varied virtual shooting range locations. Ranges are beautifully rendered with 3D graphics and include indoor gun club halls as well as expansive outdoor forests and meadows.

The indoor ranges provide well-lit backdrops free of distractions. But the outdoor locations really showcase the graphics with realistic trees, grass, and skyboxes. Players might find themselves shooting beneath a clear blue sky or amidst a dense forest backdrop. Subtle environmental touches like birds singing or leaves rustling add atmosphere.

Shooting King MOD

Dependable on the range, targets pop up from bushes, behind trees, or standard mounted positions. The changing scenery helps keep the gameplay feeling fresh across playing sessions. And with new ranges added frequently through updates, there’s always a chance to practice in novel environments.

Gameplay Features

In addition to sharp 3D graphics and quality sound design, Shooting King provides a few other notable features:

  • Customizable Controls – Players can optimize touch controls, such as adjusting button size and position.
  • Riflesmith – An in-depth gun customization and upgrading system.
  • Target Challenges – Daily/weekly tasks for rewards like bonus currency.
  • Leaderboards – Compete on global and friends leaderboards.
  • Clans – Join or create clans to socialize and complete cooperative challenges.
  • Shop – Purchase new guns, outfits, and other vanity items.
  • Daily Login Bonuses – Free gifts simply for signing in keep engagement high.

All of these features combine to deliver a full-fledged shooting experience on mobile that emphasizes both casual fun and competitiveness. Frequent content updates also ensure the game stays fresh.


With its realistic shooting gameplay, beautiful 3D ranges, and variety of customizable features and challenges, Shooting King delivers an authentic virtual shooting experience on mobile. Both casual pickup-and-play sessions and more competitive playthrough leaderboard runs are supported. Thanks to regular updates and a smart free-to-play model, Shooting King proves to be one of the top choices for mobile gamers seeking an accessible yet deep shooting sports title. Its developers at Mobirix clearly put care and expertise into crafting an excellent feeling of realistic target practice through mobile touch controls.

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