PUBG: NEW STATE is a widely popular shooting game, enjoyed by many young people. The game features exciting gameplay, challenging levels, and fierce battles.
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Feb 29, 2024
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PUBG: NEW STATE is a widely popular shooting game, enjoyed by many young people. The game features exciting gameplay, challenging levels, and fierce battles. To participate in these dangerous levels, players need to have a calm and confident state of mind. With passion and determination, players can emerge victorious.

Unique Features of PUBG: NEW STATE APK

Below are the features that I find engaging while playing the game:

Top Graphic Display with “Global Lighting” Technology

The graphics in PUBG are outstanding and unique compared to other mobile games. The game provides a vast and rich battlefield for players to explore, allowing them to share the most impressive and epic shooting screens. The colors are diverse and harmonious, creating an easy-to-see and eye-catching overview, increasing the excitement for players.


Enjoy an Extremely Realistic Fight

Players can participate in intense and exciting quests to find and destroy enemies. In the large and freely movable environment, players can move around freely, explore and hunt for weapons. Players can also communicate with their teammates through the mic and chat with them.

Required Dynamics, Quick Handling of All Situations

PUBG is a highly intense game, attracting players with unique situations between players. To pass the levels and level up, players need to have a stance, know their goals, and learn more about fighting styles from other players. This way, players will be better at defensive and counter-attack, avoiding shocking cases.

Experience a World with Multiple Figures

PUBG takes players to many foreign lands they have never known. They can move around freely, search for weapons or ammunition, and enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. Each place has a diverse scene, rich in color and decoration, making this shooting game more popular.

Get a Lot of Principal Rewards after Winning

Winning and defeating opponents in PUBG earns players generous bonus games, medals, valuable gifts, and accumulated points. Players are also promoted to higher ranks, making it an exciting playground that helps everyone entertain and relieve pressure in life or work comfortably.


Round Deathmatch

This is a best-of-seven deathmatch series that pits four players against four other players. Get ready for action-packed rounds with a Playzone that shrinks as soon as the contest begins. Make a clean sweep of the competitors and claim triumph as the ultimate Survivor!

64-Player Battle

Sixty-four players battle it out after being dumped into a substantially reduced playing area equipped with firearms, smoke grenades, and a minimal number of Drone Credits, respectively. From the very beginning, players will be immersed in tense and exhilarating action-packed gameplay.

Weapon Attachment System

PUBG’s innovative weapon attachment system allows players to tailor their weapons to their own requirements.

New Elements

PUBG: NEW STATE features new elements like dodging, drone calls, and assistance requests to enhance the gameplay.

New Vehicles

Players can use new vehicles exclusive to NEW STATE MOBILE to navigate the 8×8 open environment fast and efficiently.

Game Goals

Completing several game goals can help players shift the tide in their favor and have an immersive PUBG experience.

How to Download the NEW STATE MOBILE MOD APK?

  • Follow the below-mentioned steps to download the game:
  • Click on the download New State Mobile MOD APK button now.
  • The game will be downloaded within a few seconds.
  • Now, click on install the game.
  • All done! You can open and play the game on your mobile after the successful installation of the game.


PUBG: NEW STATE is an exciting and popular shooting game with excellent graphics, challenging gameplay, and thrilling battles. With new features like dodging, drone calls, and assistance requests, players can enhance their gameplay and have a more immersive PUBG experience. The game also offers several game goals to help players shift the tide in their favor. PUBG: NEW STATE is a game that will keep players engaged for hours and provide them with an exciting and thrilling experience.

Download PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.61.610 (Mega Menu)



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