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This allows for unlimited spending with our Paytm wallet and allows you to make Paytm Payments and then transfer them back into accounts.
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January 16, 2023
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Technology has created an international village. The world has been reduced to the size of a smartphone. Everything is on your doorstep, and the money transfer and the amount that is received are much simpler than it was before. Let’s discuss the Paytm KYC; for instance, who could have imagined that there would ever be a day when you could transfer money and send it back through a smartphone. We are on it and doing it extremely well. Paytm Golden Gate app has provided you with new methods to earn money and join together with other citizens to be part of digital India.

Paytm Golden Gate APK

Paytm Golden Gate Apk allows users to keep an amount of one Lakh INR. This allows for unlimited spending with our Paytm wallet and allows you to make Paytm Payments and then transfer them back into accounts.

How can you use the Paytm Golden Gate Apk application?

  1. You will earn money just like you earn pocket money by performing the KYC of your customers using the app.
  2. However, it is necessary to be an official Paytm partner to achieve this. Anyone with a smartphone and a business account can become an officially authorized Paytm partner.
  3. Every successful KYC that you have completed using the biometric system, they’ll pay you 20 INR. Every KYC that is manually completed will pay you 15 INR.
  4. Therefore, you must become a Paytm partner first. To achieve this, you have to go through the four steps.

Complete the registration form online for Paytm partners

After you complete the KYC, you will receive access to the Golden Gate Paytm Android application.

  1. Check out the conditions and terms of service and agree to them.
  2. You’ll also begin earning more.
  3. The next first step is for you to download and install the Golden Gate application.
  4. Start this app on your smartphone.
  5. Select the new option there.
  6. Click on the mobile number for your KYC.
  7. Select the type of customer.
  8. Accept the conditions and terms.
  9. Enter the code received by the mobile phone number you just entered.
  10. If the client isn’t receiving the code within three or five minutes, tape the code to be resent.
  11. Codes will then be sent once more.
  12. You will then be taken to a brand new screen where you must change your KYC number.
  13. Select the entire KYC with the other documents.
  14. Begin by tapping on the image of the customer.
  15. Upload the image.
  16. Also, if you have the required documents, only official documents are accepted, and these documents must only be provided.
  17. You must provide your identity card’s national images; only the authentic ID snaps will be accepted.
  18. Select the birth date, and then choose the date of birth that appears in the ID issued by official authorities.
  19. Tap on the plus sign to access your KYC form.
  20. Please provide the KYC version as well as the signature of the customer.
  21. Enter the email address.
  22. Find the PAN of the client.
  23. Enter the customer’s ADHAR number.
  24. Give the nationality of the customer.
  25. Enter the address in the box below.
  26. After reviewing the documents and receiving them, you must accept their documents.
  27. Now, you’ve successfully changed the KYC leads for a client.

The usage of the Paytm Golden Gate is very significant. If you don’t receive any notification from this Golden Gate application. You can download the app using the download link.


Paytm Golden Gate is a free app and is a beneficial application. We’ve tested the app on our phones and have no anxiety when downloading the app on our website. If you’re looking to download the app, click/tap on the link provided below.

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