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NGL is a chat application designed to allow you to get feedback from anonymous users. It is a perfect example of security and privacy. It is also among the top reliable platforms for communicating with others without divulging your personal information.
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Feb 24, 2024
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If you’re searching for an application that allows you to send messages anonymously on Instagram, then get NGL Mod APK today. The app lets you personalize and experience.


What is NGL Mod Apk?

NGL is a chat application designed to allow you to get feedback from anonymous users. It is a perfect example of security and privacy. It is also among the top reliable platforms for communicating with others without divulging your personal information.

The app is a simple and user-friendly interface suitable for all, even first-time users. It’s fast, and you’ll never be delayed in sending or receiving messages.

If you’re searching for an application that will allow you to send messages without revealing your identity, you can download the NGL APK app for Android! It is light and runs flawlessly on Android 5.0 and above devices.

[su_box title=”About NGL App” box_color=”#2FB314″]NGL is the most popular Android app for sending anonymous messages on Instagram.[/su_box]

Why Download NGL APK?

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform with many options. However, one feature that isn’t fully utilized is the capability to send messages with anonymity.

If you wish to communicate with someone else, you need to be able to identify yourself. This can be difficult in particular situations, such as when you want to hear feedback on something, but you don’t wish for the other person to know the identity of who you are.

This is the point where NGL is able to help. It provides you with a way to send messages in a secure manner. It’s the ideal method to receive feedback about any topic!


It is possible to send messages, compliments, or anything else without disclosing your identity. This is how you get impartial feedback!

Another advantage of NGL is that it’s an extremely secure and private platform. NGL uses cutting-edge encryption to ensure that all your messages are secure and safe.

In addition, the app removes all data on its servers after receiving a response. That means your messages remain private, and nobody can view them except for you!

How to Use NGL APK?

NGL is an easy application to make use of. The first step is to get NGL’s APK application from Google Play Store. After the download, you can install the app onto your Android device.

After installing, start the application and create an account. It is possible to use a simple-to-remember as well as a unique password and username.

The process of signing up is straightforward and can be completed with ease. After you’ve signed up, you’ll be provided with an ID number that can be used to connect to other people on the site.

If you wish for people to be able to ask you anonymous questions, then you need to create a unique link to share this via the profile on your Instagram profile.

When someone clicks the link, they’ll be directed to a webpage that allows them to submit anonymous questions. Answer these questions at any time! Here’s how you can make use of NGL: NGL link:

  • Start NGL App. First, you must launch the app and select Copy NGL. Link. Copy the individual NGL URL to your clipboard.
  • Share the link via Instagram. The next step is to share the link via the Instagram profile. This can be done by sharing it on your feed or in your story. You can also post the NGL link on your bio description or description of your Instagram. If people click the link, they’ll be taken to a website where they can submit anonymous questions.
  • Answer the questions. Once you receive anonymous questions, you can answer them without disclosing your identity! This is the great thing about NGL; you will get feedback on anything without anyone not knowing who you are.

Features of NGL MOD APK

There are a variety of amazing apps available to download, and one is NGL. The app allows you to ask questions and discreetly receive answers.

Find Answers

Many amazing apps are available for you to download anytime you’d like today. If you’re a person who enjoys downloading apps, you’ll discover a myriad of amazing ones right now.

There are many amazing things that you can accomplish with your phone. You can have fun using various apps whenever you’d like since many are available. One of the most popular is NGL which allows users to post queries on Instagram.

There are a lot of applications on the market today; however, with this one, you can use a free app. In addition, it is possible to ask questions via your Instagram account regarding everything you’d like to know.

You’re allowed to ask if you’d like to know who has a crush on you or what they think of your character. Through this application, you’ll receive answers anonymous to your questions, which make your followers eligible to join in. This way, you won’t quickly discover who replied to your questions.

Ask lots of questions

With NGL, you can ask questions at any time you’d like. This is great for influencers on social media since they’ll be able to find out the opinions of their followers using this. Through this application, you’ll be able to ask questions, such as who is a fan of you or what other people are thinking of you and others.

There are numerous possibilities this app has, so you can ask any question you’d like to ask right now. With this application, you’ll be capable of asking myriad questions about your company and your brand.

Anonymous responses

With NGL, the ability to receive anonymous answers to your inquiries. That means you’ll be able to write any type of query you’d like, and your followers can respond in a non-disclosure manner. Instead of posting a regular post on Instagram, you’ll be able to incorporate this app into your Instagram post.

Then, your followers follow the link, and the response will be kept private to increase their interest. By doing this, you’ll be able to hear the opinions of your followers without being under pressure. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your social media experience more.

Share on Instagram

There are a lot of amazing possibilities you can make with social media in the present. For example, with NGL, You can publish on Instagram diverse questions that you would like your followers to address.

In this way, you won’t need to force users to answer questions directly since they’ll be able to answer them in a non-public manner.

Ngl Mod Apk Premium Unlocked iOS

Here, in this article, I have provided the download link of the NGL App for android but we will also share the NGL for iOS soon. Please visit regularly to get the updated application.


NGL is a unique and anonymity-based messaging application that allows you to ask and answer questions without disclosing your identity. It’s perfect for receiving feedback about any topic! It is also secure to use. It makes use of AI to block indecent content. You should check it out!


How to Unlock NGL for Free?

Answer: Click on the download link to unlock NGL App.

Is NGL Apk safe to use?

Answer: Yes, NGL has a world-class AI that ensures to make NGL is safe for users.

Download NGL MOD APK v2.3.34 (Premium Unlocked)


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