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The storyline in King of Thieves Mod Apk is straightforward. You will play the role of an armed thief who has the goal of stealing the riches of other thieves and earning the status of a renowned "super thief."
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Feb 28, 2024
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King of Thieves Mod Apk is an android game that was released on the iOS and Android platforms. It follows the story of an old man who has just been released from prison after being locked up for 20 years. The king, his former partner in crime, has taken everything they have worked for over two decades.

Now it’s time to take back what belongs to him! With only your wits and your skill, you must traverse through countless levels of traps, puzzles, enemies and hazards to collect all the loot he can carry before reaching his castle at the end! Can you become the new King?

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The plotline of  Thieves World

The storyline in King of Thieves is straightforward. You will play the role of an armed thief who has the goal of stealing the riches of other thieves and earning the status of a renowned “super thief.” The plot isn’t old nor fresh, but it is not the main attraction of ZeptoLab games.

Thus, the players were waiting for the mixed game, which was announced by the company before. It did not disappoint. King of Thieves is a clever mix of the goalkeeper (tower defense) and flying (platform).

King of Thieves Mod Apk

In tower defense, the game is like Clash of Clans when the player must construct his castle against enemy attack with force.

Each time you take the treasure, according to the severity of death, more than or less, you will be given a rating of one to three stars and the bonus amount. To avoid the possibility of a player creating traps in tricky locations, the game requires players to avoid the traps twice before they implement them. Thus, there will be no dangers for you or the other players in the King of Thieves.

Special Features of King of Thieves Mod Apk

Story of King of Thieves Mod Apk

King of Thieves is built with an original storyline in which every player in the game’s world is a criminal. That’s right! You’ll need to break into residences of neighbours to take their wealth to become wealthy. First, however, you have to overcome the obstacles they have set up to accomplish your devious goals. Don’t forget to secure your belongings.

You’ll take on the role of a thief who has many tricks and unique skills. Your objective is to get into the hidden treasures of other players and take important objects. Of course, other players won’t allow you to take their possessions, but they can hinder you by creating traps.

Operating System

As mentioned in the game, King of Thieves features a single-touch control method that is simpler. In other words, your character will instantly move every time you one time you tap the screen for your character to jump up.

The main obstacles are moving cogs and guards that stop you from getting to your neighbour’s treasure. Players must be careful when manipulating every time they make an error to cause the player to lose his life.

Challenges in King of Thieves Mod Apk

In addition, players will access the exciting system with around 80 levels waiting to be explored. Each screen in the game will be secured with a variety of locks, and will it will only be opened after the player has activated the right primary lock.


Graphically In terms of graphics, King of Thieves has the same gorgeous style as his siblings. The images within the game will be shown with a vibrant animation that is eye-catching and easy to spot. In addition, the game’s sound provides gamers with a lively atmosphere thanks to a piece of attractive and quick background music.

Additional Features

Some of the key features and features that are new have been changed in the most recent version of the game.

  • Unique Platformer game with online multiplayer mode.
  • Make your dungeon a safe place for your precious treasure.
  • Improve traps and design your character’s clothes.
  • Add additional features to break through the defense of your opponent.
  • Play against other participants in multiple tournaments to earn amazing rewards.
  • A minor update fixes some bugs and increases the stability of the game.
  • Guild Recovery: Members of the guild can assist each other in stealing the treasure.
  • Join Guild Battle Join forces with your other guild members to bring your organization to the heights of the heap.

With a dependable escape system with more than 80 levels to play, each level is locked by different locks. The level will be unlocked only when the player presses the right central lock. In addition, the graphic design of the game is a fun design.

Images are presented towards bright animated images that are pleasing to the eyes. In addition, the game’s sound provides players with a great experience with appealing and fast background music.

Expert Opinion


In terms of the game’s platform, King of Thieves makes players think of games such as N+ or Super Meat Boy with its adventurous themes and flipping the highly skilled super thieves characters. All you have to do is manage the character and then move and change direction. This is done automatically.

The screen for the game is thin and brimming with dangers. Therefore, each time you succeed in performing the jumping moves, you’ll be extremely happy. After an intense leap, you could enhance the trap system or upgrade the base so that it can hold more cash.

The game comes with the art of crafting gems when you mine for gems to boost your ranking and create new bases and join guilds if there are the best gems within the Wooden League. Since it is a game with PvP, a popular mode of play Naturally, the King of Thieves requires a connection to the internet to allow stealth from the game.

Beyond the basic levels, you can visit players’ bases or take revenge on someone who entered your base. The game can also be quite enjoyable when it permits gamers to “die” as often as they’d like. In addition, it assists beginners by removing traps, reducing downtime, etc.


In addition to the positive aspects mentioned earlier, the thing that is the most important thing about King of Thieves that makes players most dissatisfied is the unlocking system (picklock) which is incredibly slowed. The game offers you 11 keys.

If you wish to play a single level, you must open the appropriate central lock by selecting 3-4 locks. Particularly, there are several levels, ranging from higher numbers. It transforms the game into a game of luck and does not show the ability of super thieves to picklocks.

Furthermore, since the keys are very limited and sometimes only playing for a couple of minutes, it is necessary to stop as you’ll be running out of keys. There is no other option but to go to a video that promotes the game and wait for about 4 minutes before you can get one key or purchase additional keys.

That which King of Thieves has demonstrated hasn’t resulted in complete satisfaction for the player. We regret it to see a product that could be released but did not go overboard with the possibility of buying additional items in the game.

Final Words

ZeptoLab is the company that created the Blockbuster Puzzles Cut the Rope, and Pudding Monsters recently launched the super-product King of Thieves. The game is developed around the character’s control and action by using a single touch that is as simple as it gets.

King of Thieves MOD APK features a one-touch control system that could not be easier to use. Your character’s movements will be automatically controlled with each touch of the screen for your character to leap high. King of Thieves is a unique game of the mind that has been available across the Android and iOS operating systems from the year.

There are versions available of the game for Windows PC, and Windows Phone was released a short time back. The game incorporates playing games that run and a battle between players. The King of Thieves game is appropriate for players who wish to test their minds and could cause them to be enthralled by the new bunkers.

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