Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD APK v (Unlimited Money)

Manage hilarious quests and rebuild Quahog city in this official Family Guy simulation game. Interact with Peter, Lois, Stewie and more characters across animation-inspired interactive missions and collection events.
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Sep 5, 2023
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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD APK is a mobile simulation game based on the popular animated sitcom Family Guy. Developed by TinyCo, it allows players to step into the wacky world of the Griffin family and help rebuild Quahog after a massive battle. Along the way, players can interact with beloved characters, complete wild side quests, and acquire all sorts of zany collectibles inspired by the irreverent series.


After the giant chicken Ernie destroys much of Quahog, players must help Peter lead reconstruction efforts. This involves a variety of simulation gameplay where players place buildings and attractions around town, manage resources, and choose which character-based side missions to pursue each with hilarious cutscenes. As the town develops, more areas unlock along with jobs for characters like Stewie and Brian to earn money and items.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD APK


Rebuilding Quahog

Players can rebuild iconic Quahog locations like the Drunken Clam, Griffin home, and more by spending coins earned through jobs and mission rewards. Upgrading structures improves resource generation. Side areas allow unlocking character costumes, base expansions, and other bonuses. Managing coins, clams (the in-game currency), and materials ensures steady progression.

Character Quests

Interacting with over 20 characters from the show like Lois, Peter, Meg and more triggers wild comedic mission chains. From battling robot chickens to stealing artifacts at the museum, watching character cutscenes brings the ridiculous Family Guy humor directly into the game. Quests earn rare items, materials and experience points to strengthen the player’s base.

Dress Up Your Characters

Players can dress their favorite Griffin family members and Quahog citizens in iconic outfits from the TV show. Outfits range from Peter’s blue pants to Brian’s fairy costume. New seasonal costumes are regularly added to encourage replayability. tapping the character brings up the dress up menu where players can preview, purchase and equip different looks. This adds fun visual customization to the game.

Take Care of Your Own Quahog

In addition to rebuilding Quahog, players can create their own unique towns from scratch. They design the layout, place buildings and decorations anywhere on the large maps. Caring tasks like generating resources, running character jobs and completing missions help the town grow. Players nurture their interactive virtual Quahog bringing the liveliness of the show directly to life.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD

Decorate Your Towns

Players can decorate their virtual Quahogs with diverse theme packs inspired by various Family Guy episodes and hilarious situations. Examples include a giant chicken fight arena, library of profanity island and more. Decorations populate areas creating immersive scenes. Regular new limited packs promote replayability. Combined with outfits, the theming sistem allows players to fully customize and roleplay their Quahog simulation experience.

Collecting and Customization

Hundreds of zany collectible items are inspired by the show’s absurdist humor, from giant stuffed chickens to Petercopters. Outfitting Quahog with statues, decorations and other vanity items allows for unique towns. Dozens of character outfits can also be earned by progressing in the game.

Events and PvP

Regular live events pose new challenges for exclusive prizes. Leaderboards and challenges allow players to compete against others in mini-games. PvP battles let attacking other towns to earn additional rewards.


Simple intuitive touch controls make interacting easy on mobile, from placement of buildings to mission trigger points. Auto-advance is available for jobs and battles.


By distilling the addictive simulation gameplay of titles like Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD APK into a mobile format, developer TinyCo succeeded in translating the fast-paced world of Family Guy into an equally fun hands-on experience. With hours of quests, collection and town-building ahead, fans of the show now have new way to immerse themselves in Quahog from anywhere, anytime.


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