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In Dragon Village Mod Apk there are many ways to play as well as plenty of things to do. You can choose from any one of four classes: mage, warrior, priest, or thief; then set out into the world in search of fame and fortune.
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January 13, 2023
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Dragon Village is a fun RPG game for Android where you have to raise, feed and train dragons. You can also fight other players in PVP battles, breed your own hybrids or just explore the world! In Dragon Village Mod Apk there are many ways to play as well as plenty of things to do. You can choose from any one of four classes: mage, warrior, priest, or thief; then set out into the world in search of fame and fortune. You can collect resources such as wood or stone while fighting off enemies like goblins.

Features of Dragon Village Apk

Raise Dragons

Dragon Village is a 2D village simulation game. Players must raise their own dragon to adulthood by feeding it, housing it, and teaching it to fly.

Keep your Dragon Happy

Your goal is to keep your dragon happy. You are given tasks that are shown as objectives on the right side of the screen. If you successfully complete all three objectives for each quest, then you can continue on to the next quest.

Send your Dragon for Battle

If you complete all four quests in a row, you will be rewarded with items that can upgrade your dragon’s abilities. There are more than 100 different dragons to collect and over 600 quests for you to complete. You can also send your dragons out into battle or trade them with friends.

Free to Play

The game is free to play and is compatible with most mobile devices. You can download Dragon Village for free on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Care your Pet

If you enjoy playing simulation games, then this is a great one to try out. If you like caring for your own pet as well as interacting with other players online, then you will like this game too. It has cute 2D graphics and simple gameplay that is easy to understand.

Feed your Pet in Dragon Village Mod Apk

However, this game can be difficult if not played very carefully. It also requires the player to wait for several minutes in order to complete simple tasks such as feeding or leveling up your dragon. You must also put money into the game by purchasing special items to help you level up faster and build new structures.

Features of Dragon Village Mod Apk

  • Collect and grow dragons·
  • Breed different types of Dragons·
  • Customize your dragon’s appearance.
  • Different colors, materials, and backgrounds for your village!
  • Hatch eggs based on elements to discover unique combinations.
  • Build a village for your dragons & maximize their performance by placing structures strategically.
  • Discover new islands around the sea filled with adventures and rare rewards.
  • Fight and win new items and trophies in order to level up your dragons.
  • Explore unique islands while completing fun quests and learning more about the story of this world.
  • Form a Guild with other Dragon Masters to compete against other Guilds for epic weekly prizes!
  • Participate in multiplayer events (coming soon) to win exclusive Dragons!
  • Expand your collection of Dragons by participating in special events. Unlock new rare types of dragons to make them breedable, hatch existing eggs or buy new ones with different variations.
  • Win battles against your friends and guild members to become the best Dragon Master!


Check out this game and see if you can find a dragon to add to your village! You’ll be able to build an army of dragons, train them in various skills, explore the forest for hidden treasure chests, and decorate your home with beautifully crafted furniture. Don’t forget about our daily events that give you free items every day when you log in! If all of this sounds intriguing and fun then download Dragon Village Mod Apk now on Android or iOS devices.

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