Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 APK Latest Version For Android


The games let you take control of characters from the series as you combat one-on-one against another player.
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Nicholas Lehmann
April 12, 2024
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Dragonball Z BudokaiTenkaichi 3 Trikes, an application for free developed by Nicholas Lehmann. The name implies an instructional guide application to the 3rd chapter of the well-known BudokaiTenkaichi saga. You will discover some tips and tricks for playing the game.


The players must be aware; however, they should know that Dragonball Z BudokaiTenkaichi 3 Trik is only available with text guides. There aren’t any examples to view. In addition that there are only 3 tutorials that can be read. The language used is Indonesian, and there is no choice of translating the tutorials into English.


The gameplay is a great inspiration to others fighting titles, notably Marvel Vs. This includes the Capcom game’s control plan, team mechanics, three primary attack buttons, an exclusive move button, and much more. Contrary to Extreme But oden developed by Arc System Works, Dragon Ball Z BudokaiTensei 3 Apk is located in a more intimate version of the traditional fighting games made through Arc System Works (operating on graphics, such as Guilty Gear XRD).

If we think of an alteration, a shape as an individual character, we have hundreds of dragon ball characters within the game. It is possible to say that ISO contains over 300 characters. Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball, DBZ, and Dragon Ball Super have more than 400 characters and variations. Below are some new characters.


Goku –Goku can now go through the most powerful form in its Mustard Ultra Instinct form. It also features the Grand Priest version of Goku from the Dragon Ball Heroes series. The Grand Priest Goku is also able to switch to MUI easily.

Vegeta MUI, SSJ3. The game also features several fan-created characters not featured in the animated series. These characters were created in response to the demands of Dragon Ball fans.

The final thing I’d like to say is that it has nearly all the villains and heroes from Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball.

What are the benefits of the application?

Dragonball Z: BudokaiTenkaichi 3 is the third instalment in the BudokaiTenkaichi series, a very popular Dragon Ball game. The games let you take control of characters from the series as you combat one-on-one against another player. The game features a wide range of characters and scenes from the anime series and its numerous film adaptations. You’ll see sixteen characters, which is almost the most in any top fighting game.

Dragonball Z Budokai Three-TenkaichiTrik is a tutorial app for the game’s third. After launching, you’ll discover the buttons for the tutorials as well as a brief description of the game. It has three available instructional pages. The first one gives you the simplest tip to beat the game. The third page offers tips and techniques. The final tutorial will give you an in-depth game-play walkthrough.

As mentioned earlier, the texts are written in Indonesian, and if you don’t know the language, it will not aid you. The text is in Indonesian, and you cannot alter your language. You must transfer the text to an automatic translator. In addition, the application is somewhat confusing and a little difficult for users to get around, and the navigation options do not work properly.

Dragon Ball Z BudokaiTenkaichi 3 Apk Features

It includes characters like MuiGoku, Goku Black, DBS Gogeta, DBS Broly, and SSJ 4. Gogeta.

  • The music is original and taken straight from the animation.
  • Smooth motion and HD graphics
  • Arc system gameplay, where the game is a combat genre
  • 3v3 is the game which you play. Could form teams.
  • Helps during times of war and is extremely helpful
  • The game offers a full introduction to the story’s original
  • Affordable size and specifications are essential
  • The game is currently online, and you shouldn’t be worried
  • It is comprised of stages with various roles
  • It’s a special fighting game with special features.


You’ve already installed Dragon Ball Z: Sparking game, but you can’t play because of a lack of expertise and resources. Don’t fret—we have provided legal assistance. Installing Dragon Ball BudokaiTenkaichi 3 Apk will give you various tricks and Tips to beat players.

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