Counter Side Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Counter Side, is an exciting role-playing game developed by ZlongGames. The game received overwhelming popularity among gamers throughout the world soon after its release.
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21 Feb 2024
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Counter Side Guide Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Counter Side, an exciting role-playing game developed by ZlongGames. The game has received overwhelming popularity among gamers throughout the world soon after its release. In this guide, we will share counter side tips and tricks for beginners, si that they can progress fast in the game.

Counter Side

Play the role of a boss, counter the monster’s attack, defeat them and save the planet from these corrupted objects.

Counter Side Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Progress Fast

Characters to Choose

After watching the tutorial, you have to pick characters for playing the game. Out of 30 characters, you will get 1 SSR Character, 3 Normal Rarity characters, 3 Rare Characters, and 3 SR characters. It’s important to create a powerful team unit to progress fast in the game. We recommend you pick Kyle because he is very important for leveling up the hard stages of the game. Your second option should be Xiao, while you can also include   Elizabeth, Esterosa, and Chifuyu for better performance in the game.

Counter Side

Team Structure

In my view, you need to have two defenders, one healer, and the remainder could be a mixture of strikers along with rangers in your team. I also suggest creating a team of 5 characters at the start.  Not all characters are difficult to change; a few characters, including Kyle, are a Ranger glass. At the same time, Esterosa belongs from the striker class, but these are exceptional tanks to state because Kyle has the ability to place a taunt guard. Esterosa is a strong defender and is also a great damage controller.

Visit inventory to activate Gold/EXP

First of all, go to the available inventory and activate a 10 percent EXP/Gold enthusiast ticket that continues for a week following activation, whether it is handed out. This way, you’ll begin getting additional Gold and EXP for your team.

Complete the challenges

You may find a good deal of resources and materials by finishing those one-time challenges.

Prioritizing and Leveling Characters

Initially, I’d advise that you begin prioritizing and leveling among eight available characters. You should choose two as a defender and the remaining six as the attacker out of these characters. After this, you can create two teams from these eight characters, and then you can gradually begin leveling different characters according to your requirement.  In the end, you will have to create three teams, and each must have eight characters. You also require 24 characters for the raid.

Picking the best Ship

In the game, you need to level up the Normandy ship and also the Coffin or even the Under control.  Later on, you will get a free SR cruiser Gleipnir out of accomplishments from unlocking two HQ branches for shipment mode. You will utilize it together with Normandy to finish the majority of the story missions.  Normandy is essential for completing the missions because it can cover the map only in two rounds due to its highest mobility power. After completing few missions, you can also unlock SSR ships.

Resources to Craft 

Considering that the game offers you resources to craft a few minimal tier pieces, I discovered that it’s difficult to get the accessory pieces from missions compared to the weapons/armor. So craft these or whatever pieces you believe you are lacking.

Use Gears Wisely

Before using the gears, check the characters’ statistics, find out just how well their abilities scale, and then equip them with all the desirable two-piece bonuses. The stats and grade do not matter early as the two-piece bonus. There are four parts of equipment you’re able to equip, and every unit design (Mech/Soldier/Counter) utilizes its own equipment. The 4th slot get unlocks if your character gets six stars.

According to their skill and stats, give a bonus to each character, beginning with your most powerful and widely used heroes because 2 part bonus stipulates a huge 10% increase to stats.

How to use Quartz?

Quartz is your premium money in the game and is used to purchase unique resources inside the game, such as summons.  If you would like to be effective, you ought to be saving it for potential characters together with your summoning tickets, but it’s also wise to be refreshing the daily game shop five times every day in case you’ve enough gold. The cost of each refresh is 15 quartz, and you can utilize 75 full quartz, to attempt to acquire blue summoning tickets using gold.

Through these tickets, you can summon any character. Gold runs out fast, so be careful!  (That is, I always suggest rushing into chapter 4 or 3 because clearing one mission here can give you around 20/30-35thousand gold.  It is also possible to invest 30 quartz to get an additional daily dungeon effort that’s optional.  It raises in cost every time you purchase them. You can buy skins with Quartz, but some will soon be available for paid money only.

How to use Info and Skill Books?

If you are running out of Info and skill books, try to get them by completing challenges and dispatch missions. Lower tier blue-colored info books can also be utilized to trigger character-specific reward missions together with Raids and Dives. Info and Skill Books supply a massive power increase to your most important characters’ harm output; use these on those characters with maximum damage output ability. Bear in mind the 5th skill unlocks characters sometimes may completely change the character performs. You would like to level up skills that will have the maximum impact and be certain you read their skill descriptions.

 How to obtain and use loyalty?

You can acquire loyalty using the hero in the war and also by utilizing EXP tickets. After attaining 100% dedication, you will have the ability to use a life contract on these to get a permanent 2 percent stat increase.

Lifetime deals can be bought once per month from money shops and occasionally rewarded from different events, be certain that you catch them when they are readily available. Save and utilize them on your top-performing units.

How to use Gold and EXP tickets?

You may constantly be running low on gold until you reach the high stages and begin fighting auto battles at chapter 3 or 4.  At approximately account level 30, you can get in just a day or 2 of playing the game; then, you will not need to be worried about the availability of gold.  Use your EXP wisely because you may run out of EXP that is required for leveling characters. If it comes to leveling the characters, I suggest you use the standard leveling option if you are a casual participant.

However, if you’re thinking about going to go quite hardcore, attempt to reach the 3rd or 4th chapter on the first day, I would strongly suggest using the expensive 30% amount up alternative rather accelerate your units greater, as you will run out of EXP tickets around account level 30.  You are going to be receiving marginally more EXP/Levels to provide you an edge in tougher story chapters in addition to Live PVP.


Though fighting with monsters is not an easy task and you may face challenges during the gameplay but in this guide, we have discussed some useful tips and tricks for beginners so that they can progress at a fast pace in the game. We hope that these Counter side tips and tricks and guides will help you, and you will be able to reach a higher level within 1 or 2 days of the gameplay.


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