CODM Test Server APK v (Latest Version) For Android
Call of Duty Mobile provides console-quality HD playback, customized and user-friendly controls on your phone, text or voice chats with friends and 3D-optimized graphics and audio.
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September 28, 2023
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Install CODM Test Server Apk and play this game’s beta version with new features from season 10.

CODM Test Server Apk

What is CODM Test Server Apk?

CODM Test Server Apk is the recently launched beta game for android players. Inside this game’s test version, experts have incorporated the latest professional features, including Audio Optimization, New Maps and Areas.

From the time of its initial release, gaming software. It was regarded as an attractive online gaming app. The players can join and organize their ranks, taking part in battlegrounds. The more gamers succeed in winning games.

The next rank will be displayed on the scoreboard. To make the game more engaging and interesting. Developers have already implemented the option of audio chat. The participants can talk and benefit from a smooth chat feature.

The focus is on the player’s desire and interest. The developers are continuously working to create new improvements. Now, the experts are happy to launch the beta version, which goes by CODM Test Server Season 5. CODM Testing Server Season 5.

In reality, this season is believed to bring surprises thanks to new enhancements. The greatest upgrade gamers can expect to get the collection of the most popular weapons. The experts think that they’re willing to invest in these improvements.

They also have an audio system optimized for gaming with an advanced, dynamic user interface. The gamers will be able to enjoy a live-streamed display. However, experts are fairly certain that the experience will be a gaming one and of the new enhancements.

However, they’re not certain of the bugs and other errors. So, to focus the attention of gamers when they launch an alpha version of gaming in the market. It is completely free and doesn’t require any registration or subscription.

CODM Test Server Apk Features

Download now for free 

Call of Duty Mobile provides console-quality HD playback, customized and user-friendly controls on your phone, text or voice chats with friends and 3D-optimized graphics and audio.

Play this legendary series on your phone right now so you can join in with the rest of us.

Seasonal content that is new and seasonal is released every month

Call of Duty: Mobile offers new content each season, including new games and maps, themed events and prizes to ensure you’re never bored. Every Season’s Call of Duty expands the story to the entire universe and provides new content that is unlocked to everyone who wants to play.

Fans from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Call of Duty: Mobile will recognize a variety of completely original elements, such as the elements.

Customize your unique gear

The call of Duty: While playing on mobile, you’ll be able to unlock and earn hundreds of well-known players, weapons, clothes points, and equipment to personalize your equipment to make your own choices.

Social and competitive game

Bring your friends together and test your skills at ranking or boost your score by playing board games. Join the community awareness group and get unique rewards by participating in the group battle.


You’ve already played Call of Duty Mobile with other players. But you’re excited to be part of the new gaming season where the options and features are fresh. Don’t fret because here, we have the most recent CODM Test Server Apk free.

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