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Join Case Chase MOD APK: Click cases, build wealth! Invest in cases, collections, capsules & more. Trade up for coins. Try lucky rounds for unique rewards, make smart investments & grow your riches!
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Feb 10, 2024
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case chase mod apk

Case Chase – Case Clicker for CS:GO is a thrilling venture into the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins. It offers a unique and engaging experience, allowing players to partake in the excitement of case openings and build their dream skin inventory. Case Chase MOD APK is an amazing game that will entertain you for hours.

Exploring the Key Features

Below are the exciting features the game has to offer;

Authentic Case Openings

Experience the exhilaration of authentic case openings, reminiscent of the original CS:GO game. Dive into a diverse array of cases, each holding the possibility of rewarding you with coveted skins like the Dragon Lore or Howl.

Trade-Up Contract

Engage in a CS:GO-like trade-up contract system, where ten CS:GO skins can be exchanged for a single skin of a higher grade. This feature adds depth and strategy to your skin collection endeavors.

Daily Lucky Wheel

Spin the wheel daily for a chance to win free skins, upgrades, or XP boosts. This feature offers a thrilling way to obtain valuable in-game assets and enhance your inventory.

Skin Market

Explore the in-game skin market, where you can access a wide range of CS:GO cases and custom cases for opening. Immerse yourself in the marketplace and discover new skins.

Online Community and Chat

Join an active and vibrant online community, allowing you to connect with fellow players, share your CS:GO inventory, and engage in discussions related to skins and gameplay.

Quest Map

Embark on a quest-driven journey that offers additional CS:GO cases and clicker bonuses. Complete quests to unlock exclusive rewards and enhancements for your gaming experience.

Case Chase: Simulator for CSGO

Achievements and Leaderboard

Track your progress and achievements within the game. Compete with other players to reach the top spot on the leaderboard by opening cases, collecting skins, and excelling in clicker stats.

Revel in the Thrill of Case Unveiling

Case Chase’s case-opening function delivers a captivating experience akin to the original CSGO game. Delve into an exciting journey of opening cases, anticipating rare skin finds. With every click through cases, the quest for extraordinary items keeps you on the edge. Secure coveted treasures like Dragon Lores and Howls for your collection and flaunt these incredible finds to impress friends. Case Chase’s trade-up contracts amplify your skins’ worth, transforming ordinary ones into exquisite masterpieces with just a click. Witness the magic of trading up for a precious gemstone and elevate your gaming experience with Case Chase’s extraordinary features.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune: Claim Free Skins and Enhancements

The Lucky Wheel in Case Chase stands as a daily delight, offering players the chance to win skins, upgrades, and XP. Engage in the wheel-spinning frenzy, hoping for that elusive jackpot. Even if luck eludes you, rest assured you’ll walk away with something valuable. Each spin adds a tinge of excitement, delivering free additions to your collection. Don’t skip your daily spin—the riches might just smile upon you! Explore the CS:GO paradise in Case Chase’s Skin Market. Here, players can access various CSGO cases or curate their collections. It’s an immersive digital marketplace with endless possibilities. Unearth specific instances or dive into novel experiences by opening customized cases, redefining your skin exploration.

Case Chase: Simulator for CSGO

Connect and Socialize in Online Chat

Case Chase isn’t just a game—it’s a haven for the CS:GO community. Join the camaraderie, display your prized skins, glean advice from veterans, or relish your favorite CSGO anecdotes in the vibrant online chat. It’s an ideal spot to showcase your treasures, seek guidance, or bond over shared CSGO moments. The cohesion within Case Chase’s community enhances the overall gameplay, fostering a sense of belonging and shared passion. The Mission Map feature in Case Chase adds depth to the gaming experience. Complete thrilling objectives to unlock CS:GO gear and case clicker bonuses. These missions fuel a sense of progression and accomplishment, ensuring the game remains engaging and rewarding, be it in skin collection or leaderboard domination.


Case Chase – Case Clicker for CS:GO stands as a comprehensive and thrilling platform for CS:GO enthusiasts. It not only provides a faithful simulation of the case opening experience but also adds depth through features like trade-up contracts, a dynamic market, and engaging community interactions. Enter the world of CS:GO skins and elevate your gaming journey with Case Chase!

Download Case Chase MOD APK v1.17.0 (Unlimited Money)



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