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Master prehistoric hunts with spears, axes & boomerangs! Play Big Hunter MOD APK for thrilling physics-based challenges.
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December 12, 2023
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Big Hunter MOD APK

Big Hunter MOD APK catapults players into a thrilling prehistoric world, challenging them to hunt gigantic creatures to feed their starving tribe. Armed with a spear, an ax, and a boomerang, players step into the shoes of a tribal chief striving to stave off hunger by hunting massive prehistoric beasts.

Understanding the Gameplay

The game operates on physics-based mechanics, requiring precise aiming and timing to effectively take down mammoth creatures. Each weapon in your arsenal possesses unique attributes. The spear offers accuracy at a distance, the ax packs a powerful punch, and the boomerang provides versatility and swift attacks.

Big Hunter

Mastering the Weapons


Ideal for long-range attacks, aim carefully and release to spear your target. Timing and precision are vital.


The ax delivers a powerful blow but requires proximity. Get closer to your prey and strike with force.


Use the boomerang for agile and flexible attacks. Its return feature offers multiple chances to hit your target.

Hunting Techniques

Observation is Key

Analyze your prey’s behavior and patterns before attacking. Identify weak points for optimal strikes.

Big Hunter

Precision Aiming

Each throw demands precision. Gauge distance, trajectory, and speed before hurling your weapon.

Timed Strikes

Timing is crucial. Wait for the opportune moment to unleash your attack for maximum impact.

Progressing Through Levels

  • As you advance, the game introduces larger, more challenging creatures with different attack patterns and strengths.
  • Conquer each level by skillfully applying your hunting techniques and adapting to the varied behaviors of different beasts.

Big Hunter

Earning Rewards

  • Successful hunts reward players with trophies, resources, and progression to higher levels.
  • Accumulate trophies to unlock new weapons and enhance your hunting capabilities.

Strategies for Success

Practice Makes Perfect

Hone your skills by practicing aim and timing in early levels.

Adapt to the Beasts

Each creature has distinct movements and weaknesses. Adapt your strategy accordingly.

Upgrade Your Arsenal

Unlock and upgrade weapons to increase efficiency in hunting larger prey.

Big Hunter


Big Hunter offers an exhilarating and challenging hunting experience set in a visually stunning prehistoric world. Master the art of the hunt, employ precision and strategy, and dominate the realm by bringing down colossal creatures to feed your tribe and emerge as the ultimate Big Hunter!

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