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Woodoku Mod APK is a wooden puzzle game that is based on blocks. It's easy and familiar; however, I'm sure you'll be hooked on this game after playing.
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Sep 25, 2023
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Woodoku Mod APK is a wooden puzzle game that is based on blocks. It’s easy and familiar; however, I’m sure you’ll be hooked on this game after playing.

Woodoku MOD APK

The wood block puzzle is a game in which everybody must be captivated by

Have you ever been hooked on playing Tetris with handheld game consoles in the past? I would spend up to an hour each day clicking and stacking the blocks. It was attractive at the time because of a number of reasons. The consoles were brand new in the day, and it was cool to play things with them. Furthermore, the game is very easy to get into; however, as it gets more difficult, it demonstrates the brain and ability of its player. Several other aspects make it difficult to get off your consoles.

It was a long time ago. Today, children don’t play the game. It’s hard to believe that it was once before this. Technology is constantly changing that. The game has evolved to various levels, massive, diverse, beautiful, beautiful, and numerous possibilities. In the grid, one particular day, I came across a mobile game: Woodoku. It’s very similar to Tetris but similar to the sudoku-like wooden blocks. The game has brought back many fond memories.

If I am bored, I usually play it. It was then that I remembered why I was so addicted to this game before. It is a game with its profundity and fascination that only people who have been completely immersed within the realm of shape and relaxation forms can comprehend.

For those who are interested in the same things or would like to think about some of the past days, today I’ll talk about my memories with Woodoku.


Woodoku’s game is different from Tetris’s. The rules are that you place the blocks on a 9×9 tabletop. There are a variety of colored squares that are fixed that are on your table. When you begin the game, beneath the table will be an array of various shapes (each comprised of a number of squares, placed in no order). The goal is to drag them onto the table, then place them in the best place so that they, in conjunction with colored squares you have at the table from the beginning, will form the shape of a square block of wood with no gaps. After that, the newly-created wooden block will vanish and be erased from the table. Continue this process until you get to the screen.

At first, the number of squares on the tables and the shapes that appear under the table are tiny and easy to understand. If you look at them, you already imagine how you could put them together. However, as time passes, the task becomes more difficult in difficulty. There are now numerous blocks scattered across the table on the table made of wood. In the case of the blocks below, they’re diverse sometimes, it’s hard to imagine what they could create, and that time is restricted to a specific level.

Three situations can be described:

  • If you don’t complete the task within the given time, you do not achieve enough points and are out.
  • If there’s still time, the wooden block resulting from an accidental arrangement is filled with wooden blocks scattered across the floor that cannot be combined. You also lose.
  • You can move on to the next stage when you’ve cleared the required number of wooden blocks stipulated and within the time limit

Following this game rule, the player’s operation is as simple as using a finger to drag-drop on the screen. Drag the blocks below, then put them where you prefer to put them on the wooden 9×9 board. Once the hi2h blocks have been full and make a complete block, they’ll disappear off the board. There is no need to do anything further; simply focus on the process until you reach the next level.

The scoring system in Woodoku is like this: if you clear several rows, areas, or squares at once, you’ll earn many Combination Points. If you can clear multiple blocks in one go. You will earn Streak Points. The more points you accumulate, the greater the excitement, and the challenge rises accordingly. Even though the score isn’t exchangeable for anything like in other mobile games, the fun of playing Woodoku is the sensation of achieving more than you can. Each time I go through the screen, I breathe an exhale of relief and think, “Who is so smart.” It’s true, and no one is playing this game without experiencing moments of complacency similar to that.


Woodoku is an incredibly simple wooden block sudoku game that is extremely gentle and soothing. Anyone who is a fan of Tetris should try Woodoku.

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