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Download WhatsApp Red Apk and enjoy the premium features that are not available in the original version of the WhatsApp.
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December 8, 2023
4.0 and up

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Many Modded versions of WhatsApp are accessible on the internet, but users face some limitations and restrictions even in WhatsApp’s Modded version. Today, I will share my reviews about WhatsApp Red Apk in detail.

Features of WhatsApp Red Apk

Freeze Seen

If you don’t wish to notify your contacts the last time, you can set a timer to freeze the last time you were seen by hand from the settings.

The point that you’ve stopped your status will be displayed as the last time you were active.


You can enable the option to delete messages in the settings. If you enable it, your contacts won’t get the option to remove messages they’ve sent you.

Turn off Forward

Remove the tag forwarding messages to avoid the stings in this application. If you do, you’ll be able to forward any message to all of your contacts, but no one will be given the forward tag.

Hide View

If you don’t want to show your contact the status, you can block the status view in the settings.

If you do this, regardless of what number of times you monitor how your buddies are doing,’ friends’ friends, your name won’t be listed on the list.

Status Removing

Make sure to enable the option to delete your status. If you do this and one of your contacts changes their status before you’ve observed that the option is available to you for 24 hours.

Receipt of Reading

You can disable the read receipt when you choose to do this, so the read status displayed by you in the chats with your buddies will be visible when you respond to them. In other cases, only the read status will be displayed in the chat until the time you reply to it.

Status Assumed

If you don’t wish to publish your status with a group of specific friends, you can conceal your status by selecting the contacts you do not want to share your status with.


Switch off the keyboard indicator as well. While you’ll receive the message and respond to it, the person who sent it will never come to know when you saw the status and also the time you respond to that.


Make sure your application is secured with an encryption key or pattern. Even if your phone supports fingerprint reading security, this application allows users to set it.

All you need to do is turn on the security option from the settings of your application. From there, you’ll have various options for making your application secure.

Pattern Settings

Your password should be visible or not visible at all. If you don’t want to reveal which password you have chosen. You can also hide your password.


Choose a background of your preference; pick any image or image or solid color to be the background of the main menu and chats,

Contact Name

Separate the contact names from the background using a change in the colors of contacts’ names.

Status Color

Colorize the status text as well. Choose the font style and color by hand by using the app’s settings.

Message Scheduler

Set the date and time for your messages, or you can set auto-reply as well. If you’re not connected and someone contacts you, you may make auto-reply available by typing the standard message you would like to receive, even if you’re offline. Contrary to Whatsapp and Facebook, you can set an auto-reply to messages in pink and purple.

Direct Connectivity

Allow or disable the internet connectivity directly within the application instead of the notification pane.

Status Timings

You can set the timings for the status of greater than 60 seconds up to 3 minutes by hand from the settings.

Video Limit

Set the limit for video uploads as high as 700 MB through the settings.

Group conference

You can add as many contacts to your group conference without being concerned about its limitations.

Dark Mode

Disable or enable the dark mode anytime you wish to change your settings in the app.


Red WhatsApp is, no doubt is, worthy of being scored five stars out of 5. Since the list of features that it offers is lengthy to be summarized even.

If you’re searching for a Modded Version of WhatsApp that has a lot of features, we would highly suggest WhatsApp Red.

Download WhatsApp Red Apk v35.00


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