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Do you enjoy using WhatsApp messaging, but are you concerned that you're spending lots of time with it? Do you feel you are not engaging in activities that can be more productive since you can't resist being connected to WhatsApp for hours? If so, then you'll want to get the free WaStat WhatsApp Tracker application now.
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Nov 4, 2023
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Do you spend most of your time using WhatsApp, and you’d like to make an alternative? Monitor your online time using your WaStat Mod APK Tracker. Use your time wisely!

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Description of WaStat Mod APK

Luckily, dozens of social media sites allow us to connect with our loved ones anytime. These platforms can be very useful, especially when we’re located in different locations and require getting caught up quickly. However, we are spending too much time online that we can lose our routine. The majority of users are absorbed in the variety of contents that WhatsApp provides and cannot resist staying up all day glued to their smartphones’ screens.

WhatsApp messaging application has amazingly changed our lives. But, we can track and control the number of hours we use using WhatsApp. In addition, you can keep track of how often you use the app throughout the month. Simply put, you can manage the time we use WhatsApp every day with The WaStat WhatsApp Tracker tool. The tool was developed in collaboration with Peanut Butter studio. Millions of users worldwide currently utilize peanut Butter companies, and if you don’t want to be too much glued to WhatsApp chats, download and install the WaStat WhatsApp Tracker.

“WaStat” WhatsApp Tracker – Manage WhatsApp Usage Time

Do you enjoy using WhatsApp messaging, but are you concerned that you’re spending lots of time with it? Do you feel you are not engaging in activities that can be more productive since you can’t resist being connected to WhatsApp for hours? If so, then you’ll want to get the free WaStat WhatsApp Tracker application now. The tool is helpful for keeping track of the activities you engage in on WhatsApp and showing the data in a time view. In addition, you will be able to look at the data in charts over the past 30 days. WaStat is the best usage tracking aid for WhatsApp, which was last seen.

In addition to tracking your activities and tracking yourself, the WaStat application also provides users with an easy mobile tool to track usage for up to 10-digit WhatsApp accounts. To access this feature, you have to input the number of the user. The best part is that you don’t need to be a registered user to access this app. This shouldn’t cause any concern as it is not a privacy invasion! The tool is only restricted to monitoring the amount of time an individual is on WhatsApp.

The WaStat WhatsApp Tracker Mod APK features

This app lets you keep track of all your activity within WhatsApp Messenger. It comes with an application that shows the activity in a convenient clock view. There are some amazing aspects of the application that make it stand out.

You can track your time on WhatsApp

With this application using this app, you can track the time you spend the most time using WhatsApp. In addition, it is possible to check the duration of time other users are online. You can view the statistics of usage per hour or for the past 30 days. This is crucial to cut down on the amount of time we’re linked to this addictive app. This app is extremely helpful for parents who suspect their children may be making use of WhatsApp often.

Get Notifications

The WaStat WhatsApp Mod APK Tracker comes with a feature that allows us to receive notifications when the user we’re tracking comes back online. Additionally, this tool can reveal the last hours of internet connection. Finally, this is a way to make friends with people who ignore your messages to make up excuses for not being online.

Examine Online Stats

Find out when you used the app for a prolonged period. Then, you can create a strategy to limit your use of the application, resulting in you being in trouble at home, at school, or work!

Android Compatibility

WhatsApp tracker is compatible with smartphones with at least an Android 5.1 score. It is available to download and install via Google Play Store for free. It is important to note that this application does not violate WhatsApp rules of usage or privacy policies. The app doesn’t aid in the spread of cybercrime or encourage cybercrime in any manner. The most up-to-date, optimized version also works with Android devices.

Monitor up to 10 Profiles

keep track of when ten individuals are available to track when up to 10 people are online. You need to choose their contact details and create an inventory of 10 profiles you would like to follow. The feature will notify you when an individual on the list is online.

Final Words

Utilizing Wastat Mod APK Wastat Mod APK, you get more accurate monitoring of WhatsApp usage by your loved family members. Download The Wastat Mod Apk download for free and enjoy premium tracking features with no fees for subscriptions.

Download WaStat Mod APK-Whatsapp Tracker v1.74


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