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Truecaller Apk is a great app for Android users to identify unknown calls and block spam messages. With this free application, you can avoid the hassle of receiving unwanted messages or phone calls by blocking them with just one tap!
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October 2, 2023
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Truecaller is an app that helps you identify unknown numbers to know who is calling or messaging before you pick up or read their message. It also has a community-based spam detection feature that lets users report spammers with just one tap from the call history screen. The more people use Truecaller Mod Apk, the smarter it gets at blocking spam calls and SMS messages for millions of users worldwide! With over 100 million downloads globally, Truecaller has been featured in “Best.”

Truecaller Mod Apk

In this article, we will be talking about how TrueCaller works and what it does. We will also talk about the download link to get this app on your device and a list of some other apps similar to TrueCaller Apk.

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What is Truecaller Apk?

Truecaller is the best calling and messaging app you’ll ever find. It’s easy to use, has powerful features that will meet all of your needs in a single interface with an eye-catching design made just for phones! Plus, it protects user data better than any other program out there today – making sure only people who are ringing or sending messages get access so no one else can see what was said between friends at home on their own time without permission from them first!

Features of TrueCaller Apk

Block phone number

The app has over 40 million numbers in its database (and growing), which you can use to block calls or SMS from specific contacts. You can also report harassment to authorities.

Search Contact through Name

If it is saved inside your address book, search for the name, and the contact will appear. If it’s not, you’ll be prompted to save that number.

Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is now an option; you can enable that inside your account’s privacy settings.  You’ll then be able to email people from any phone number or name, no need of saving contact details. This currently works with Gmail only.

Do not disturb feature

Select specific numbers inside the app, and choose how you want to handle them. You can also schedule quiet hours and get reminded about important events with this feature.

Find your friends

Link your phone contacts with your Truecaller account through Facebook or Gmail, or manually add numbers. Then find out who among your friends is on Truecaller Mod Apk by sharing your profile with them.

Set a Profile picture

Add your own photo to your profile from the app.

Know when you’re being watched

True caller records all outbound and incoming calls and marks, whether they were outgoing or incoming calls.

Save space on your phone

View the profiles of anyone in your contact book, and delete multiple numbers from that person at once. You can also save new numbers on your address book right from the app.

Know the Caller Identity through Truecaller Mod Apk

Know who is calling you, even if they are not in your phonebook. We use our community’s shared data to show their profile picture and information about where others have seen their number or with whom they’ve had previous interactions on Truecaller.

Save on data usage

Reduce the number of outgoing calls you make by using True caller’s Community Call feature. In select countries, whenever you call someone who is also a Truecaller user, their data usage is optimized to reduce your costs while streaming high-quality video or audio. Use this feature if you have limited data or are on Wi-Fi.

Real-time Caller ID

True caller’s unique Real-time Caller ID system works in the background of your phone to recognize callers automatically.

Real-time spam list

The app’s community of over 100 million users updates the community database with suspected spam numbers in real-time.

Reporting number

Flag any phone number, SMS, or caller you feel harassed by, and our staff will review it. Reports are reviewed seven times a day for harassment.  You can also upload your contacts to Truecaller Contacts Database to make number searches free.

Know when your friends (or foes) have a new number

As soon as someone gets a new phone number, you will be able to know about it.

Find friends and family

Search for people you know, and find out who is on Truecaller. Then, we’ll help you connect with them!

Contact Backup Feature in Truecaller MOD apk

Back up your contacts to the cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox) and easily sync with your new phone. You can also easily transfer contacts between phones by Bluetooth or over a data cable.

See the latest activity

Pick a contact and see their last seen, which friends they talk to, when, and where they were last spotted on Truecaller.

Additional Features of Truecaller Mod Apk

The app now comes with an improved Caller ID feature that gives Truecaller community more power to fight spam and harassment across the globe.

Search for any name or number across websites, social media platforms & blogs.

Share someone’s number with your friends and contacts. Or make a missed call, send any contact information or make a call using an existing Truecaller data plan (in select countries).

Truecaller MOD APK features

  • Unlock premium features and get access to exclusive deals.
  • Eliminate ads.
  • Reduce crashes & improve performance

Download Truecaller MOD APK 2023 Latest Version for Android

This is a powerful, easy-to-use application that will be an absolute godsend for you. With so many useful features and some of them being extremely secure and committed to protecting user data privacy with all those advantages, Truecaller Mod Apk deserves its spot on top of today’s communication app list!


Truecaller Apk is a great app for Android users to identify unknown calls and block spam messages. With this free application, you can avoid the hassle of receiving unwanted messages or phone calls by blocking them with just one tap! You also have access to your contact list, so you know if someone is calling from an unknown number.

If it turns out that they are not in your contacts, all you need to do is enter their number into the search bar on the top right-hand corner of the screen and then decide whether or not to answer the call. This easy way will save some people’s time when they’re busy at work or don’t want interruptions during mealtime, while others may like having more control

Download Truecaller Premium MOD APK v13.36.6 (Gold Unlocked)


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