Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk v (Unlimited Money/All Unlocked)

Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is a game that will have you exploring the universe in search of new foods to try. You'll be able to travel from planet to planet, enjoying different cuisines and collecting rewards along the way.
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Dingo Games
Mar 22, 2024
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Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is a fun and addicting game that will keep you entertained for hours. This is the best mod apk in the market with unlimited coins, food, and everything else. Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk makes all of your dreams come true by adding lots of new features including new monsters to destroy with tons of power-ups to help you along the way! For example, one power-up allows your character to grow bigger whenever they consume something allowing them to become more powerful.

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Features of Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk

Graphics and Sound

Tasty Planet Forever is an action game developed and released through Dingo Games – an independent game designer based in Vancouver, Canada. The game is accessible through Google Play, App Store, and Steam. The game is available for download free for mobile devices that run on Android as well as iOS platforms.

The background of each level can be found in numerous locations. They could be in the streets or inside a restaurant. Images and graphics are energetic. The food items that the main characters eat have the ability to be moving. They don’t sit still and wait for you to consume them. The cars, waiters, zombies, or mice can be moved to any place. The natural world is simply simulated however it’s not so simple. You’ll be at the ocean with an Octopus. You and a cat is eating in the kitchen. In each setting, the player will feel the distinct experience of beautiful and vivid pictures.

In addition, the cheerful sound of the game will sound during the process of playing. This can help you be content. Additionally, the author has included sounds like the cat’s meow sound of the crash and the screams of waiters and customers as they eat. The player is able to feel the pain of the character and be the character. This will help you feel Tasty Planet Forever in a better way. You can also turn off the sound from the Setting of the game.

Start Eating the World

In the very first world that you play in, you’ll be in a dining establishment in Paris. The restaurant is filthy and the chef has given a cleaning robot prototype from the home of his cousin to eat cockroaches or other tiny items. However, the chef was given eating instructions like “Eat everything.” which caused the cat to eat anything smaller than the cat. Even when people are bringing their cats to restaurants. In order for the cat to go to the location you prefer, you have to tap that area in the display. In the beginning, the cat is able to consume items such as pea, cockroaches, or wine bottles, and chef’s knives. It can also be used to eat baguette, waiter, and more.

If the cat is small in size, the area that the cat can eat is tiny and the food will not be as large. This creates the problem of moving and finding food. Furthermore, the item that cats eat could be moved. It is essential to grab these items. However, the objects be moving in fixed directions. This makes it easier for players to identify the locations that objects will appear. Even though your cat only needs to move around and eat items. If your cat grows then the area will be larger and food items will have more varieties. There will be many new locations. An intense experience with lots of traffic and buildings and bridges or the maze organized by the croissants and baguettes.

Multiple Levels

In addition, every level will also have a distinct title and some levels include a specific requirement. For instance, the level 1 title is “A lesson in cleanliness” or “Somewhere beyond the streets” is the title for Level 4 … At level 5, chocolate macarons have been poisoned. However, there’s a issue here. The macarons come in a variety of shades and are separated. The cat must take the macarons with the correct color in order to ensure the day’s safety. You’ll lose your score if your cat consumes an incorrect amount of macarons. In Level 9″Fast food cafe “Fast food cafe”, an international restaurant chain is buying local eateries. The cat is required to take down the entire awnings of their red to remove them from town.

You must also be aware of the knives and other objects moving. You will lose your score when you get hit by them. To take on these new challenges, you must be able to beat the prior levels. However, with Bonus levels, you have to accumulate the necessary amount of stars to gain access to the new levels.

New Animal and Habitat

Prior to the beginning of the level, it is possible to include levels boosters. “Extra Arrows” will help your animals get two arrows. Arrows serve to locate the food. “Extra Time” increases a level’s par time, thereby giving you a greater time bonus. “Armor” reduces significantly the number of points you lose when you are hit by an enemy that is larger and also reduces the points you lose from eating unintentionally-cooked creatures. “Bonus Points” will increase dramatically the number of points you collect when your animal consumes certain items. “Triple Coins” helps you increase the number of coins that you receive at the conclusion of the game.

Apart from playing as a cat includes seven characters. These include octopus, rat bee, shark penguin, dingo dog, Munch. You can also test yourself by playing with the eight extra characters (metal cat moray eel killer whale, ladybug, chicken, baby, and the black hole). Each character is an individual in their own world. Infest all of the Caribbean as the octopus that is angry. Save the Savanna from the brave rats. Explore the city like the big-eyed bee. Revive this part of the Pacific Ocean as the basking shark. To enter the world of tomorrow you must have enough gems and coins. The coins will be given to you when you have completed every step.


Tasty Planet Forever Mod Apk is a game that will have you exploring the universe in search of new foods to try. You’ll be able to travel from planet to planet, enjoying different cuisines and collecting rewards along the way. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure with endless possibilities, this might just be your next favorite mobile game! Download it today on Google Play or iTunes App Store. And if you want even more out of this amazing app, check out our modded version online at

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