Tap Away MOD APK v (All Skin Unlocked)

There are a lot of laughs; you can have fun playing this game, but the primary thing you'll do is swipe blocks. Each block has been given a specific path that it can travel through.
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Mar 7, 2024
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Are you equipped with the skills it takes to complete every swiping level? Connect all your brain cells to test your abilities to the challenge! Use the Tap Away Mode Apk for each block in this challenging puzzle.

Tap Away MOD APK

What is Tap Away MOD APK?

There are a lot of exciting puzzle games you can play right now. They’ve gone from being able to occupy your mind to enthralling players with tales. With the number of video games available on the market, you’ve likely seen it all, wouldn’t you?

However, you’re wrong because the Tap Away mod app is an entertaining and precise game that allows players to play a unique type of puzzle. The goal is to remove the blocks one by one in the present.

There are a lot of laughs; you can have fun playing this game, but the primary thing you’ll do is swipe blocks. Each block has been given a specific path that it can travel through. This is why you’ll need to take your time to carefully look at the whole puzzle and then take a tour of blocks by using one.

Tap Away Features

If you’re one of those who love playing a fund-based and addicting 3D game, then get Tap Away now.

Get Rid of Blocks

At present there’s been a wide variety of mobile games can be played. There are a lot of fun games, especially puzzle games, that allow you to test your brain and abilities. Try this one if you’re looking for a new puzzle to kill time with! Tap Away It’s a great game that is a basic yet challenging puzzle game. In this game, the aim is to unlock gradually every block by moving them.

In this case, each block will only move in a specific direction, which means you’ll have to think of a solution before solving it. It’s important to imagine things first to not be stuck in the puzzles. There are a lot of levels and skins that you can collect now! Have fun swiping the blocks in this fun puzzle game right now.


The genre of puzzles is thrilling and offers hundreds of games that can be played in the present. It is possible to play many games; however, many games are action battle royale and a myriad of others. However, Tap Away differs in that it allows you to utilize your brain to help you solve a difficult puzzle. There’s a massive block on each level composed of small blocks. At this level, every block can be removed so that you can finish the puzzle. The aim is to clear away all the blocks until you have nothing left.

However, things may not be as straightforward as they appear since each block can only go in the exact direction they can take. Then, you must use your imagination and creativity to ensure that the sequence is correct to avoid getting stuck. Although there’s no limit to the time in this game, there’s a limit to how many films you can create! This means that the game becomes more difficult as you progress.

Unlock Skins

There are many skins in this game. There’s a different one for each colour and several designs too. Have fun unlocking the entire collection by completing levels right now.

Plenty of Levels

There are several levels of this game you’ll have to complete. Each level is a challenge that is unique to you and must conquer. There’s also a specific amount of choices you can use to overcome the problem.


Download Tap Away today and take part in completely new challenges! Remove the obstacles of the present and free skins.


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