Super Brawl Universe MOD APK v (Infinite Energy/Dumb Enemy)


Super Brawl Universe MOD APK offers a fun and engaging experience for fans of cartoon characters and fighting games alike.
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March 16, 2023

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Super Brawl Universe is an entertaining arena where players can transform into popular cartoon characters such as SpongeBob, Invader Zim, or Kid Danger. By building a powerful squad, players can participate in thrilling competitions and win spectacular prizes.

A New and Engaging Storyline

In Super Brawl Universe, the world is facing constant threats from evil forces. As a player, you are tasked with assembling a complete and powerful squad of familiar characters from different cartoons to fight against these villains. By strengthening and upgrading your team members, you can prepare them to enter battles with confidence.

Super Brawl Universe Mod APK

Control Any Character You Want

With Super Brawl Universe, you have the freedom to transform into any character you want and switch between them with ease. Although you may not have access to all characters at first, by completing missions, you can gradually unlock more special characters and add them to your squad.

Intense Battles

Super Brawl Universe allows you to take your characters into battles with other players, and the last character standing is declared the winner. Quick reflexes are crucial in this game, as you can only move up and down in a straight line. You need to attack your opponent first to ensure victory, as opponents can attack you if you neglect to defend.

Become the Best Player

The game offers two modes: 1v1 and 3v3. The latter requires strategic planning to form a perfect squad in terms of strength and skill. If one member of your team is defeated, you can continue with the remaining two, but your chances of winning will be lower. Compete against players from all over the world and climb to the top of the online leaderboards to receive attractive rewards and unlock rare characters.

Upgrade Characters and Customize Your Squad

In Super Brawl Universe, you can upgrade your characters and make them stronger by collecting coins and gems during battles. You can also equip them with different items and accessories to increase their power and customize their appearance. This allows you to create a unique and powerful squad that reflects your own style and preferences.

Daily Rewards and Challenges

This game offers daily challenges and rewards for players to complete and collect. These challenges can range from winning a certain number of battles to using specific characters or strategies. By completing these challenges, players can earn coins, gems, and other rewards to help them progress through the game.

Additional Features

  • Play as popular cartoon characters such as SpongeBob, Avatar Aang, or a member of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Two battle modes: 1v1 and 3v3.
  • Compete against players from all over the world.
  • Receive attractive rewards for being on the leaderboard.


Super Brawl Universe MOD APK offers a fun and engaging experience for fans of cartoon characters and fighting games alike. With its variety of characters, modes, and features, there is always something new to discover and enjoy in the game.

Super Brawl Universe offers players the opportunity to control their favorite cartoon characters and engage in exciting battles. With high-quality graphics and a variety of characters to choose from, the game promises endless fun and entertainment.

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