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Stellarium Plus Mod APK allows you to view distant planets from your phone using an astronomical map. This is a great application for people who love exploring the sky.
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Feb 20, 2024
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Stellarium Plus Mod APK allows you to view distant planets from your phone using an astronomical map. This is a great application for people who love exploring the sky.

You now have the entire universe in your hands

Are you a stargazer? Are you curious about how the stars are arranged? Is there a way for you to see the routes of other planets? Stellarium Plus is a great way to enjoy the sky and learn new information about constellations and planets.

What is Stellarium Plus Mod APK?

This app lets you view all the stars and help you understand them. This app allows you to determine the direction, constellations and star names of stars and see the positions of satellites around the world.


The phone can see the entire sky

People have been looking up at the skies since ancient times to observe the movements of distant planets and gain valuable information. From there, astronomy was born. It is the most difficult and precise subject in academic science and requires the greatest knowledge. This is also an area that many people are interested in but lack access to.

Not everyone is interested in learning as much as the experts about galaxies, planets, and constellations. Many people simply want to look at the stars and learn about their relationships. Stellarium Plus, a sky map application like Stellarium Plus, will be very useful at this stage.

Stellarium Plus can be installed on any phone, and it will transform into a handheld telescope that allows the owner to explore the sky freely. This telescope shows almost all constellations and stars in the sky. On a mission, you can see galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae. Stellarium Plus allows you to view everything in a sky map that can be zoomed in or out. You can now hold the entire universe like a miniature map.

Information and databases that are reliable

Stellarium Plus has a lot of data to connect and display all information. The sky map can display more than 600,000. You can look up each star or planet and find a lot of information. Stellarium Plus has lots of information on the constellations, including their locations, their connection, and the changes according to the time of year. You can zoom in on each star and planet. Stellarium Plus can produce 3D renderings for all major planets and satellites of the solar system.

Stellarium Plus also allows you to request the night view of the sky map to protect your eyes. You can also choose to display the map at night to allow for better viewing or to select different times and places to see the sky from different angles. This feature is used to track important astronomical phenomena. Different locations will give different observations of astronomical phenomena, such as solar eclipses or lunar eclipses. Users will benefit from more objective and complete observation.

Feelings personal

Stellarium Plus has some great points that I have learned over time.

  1. Stellarium Plus automatically provides the current location from the moment you launch the app on your smartphone. (The app needs to have GPS turned on). As I said above, you can also choose to view the sky from another angle. Users can save time by being able to customize and choose the best view possible, no matter where they live.
  2. You can also customize the observation time. If you don’t intervene, the default will adjust the time between the time you observe and the end of the session. Stellarium Plus will adjust to the evening if it is the night. All that happens and how things move during that time will be recorded.
  3. The Stellarium Plus interface is very good.

The main observation screen will have eight main features as buttons

  • Button 1: The lines connecting stars in a constellation are represented by this button
  • Button 2: The constellation name
  • Button 3: The constellation (name and symbol for signs)
  • Button 4 & 5 are the lines of latitude, longitude and altitude.
  • Button 6: The light pollution effect
  • Button 8: The specific location of the star system
  • Button 9: Displays the position of artificial satellites
  • Button 10: Use the compass to orient you

It seems smart to put all important features on the main screen for Stellarium Plus. Users will be uncomfortable if they go to another page to find the information they need. It can disrupt the observation process and cause the user to lose memory.

These buttons should be displayed on the main map in a way that is easy to see and not distract from the rest of the game. They aren’t too large, but they are still easy for players to see and touch. This is how the developer shows his sophistication.


Stellarium Plus is one of the few mobile astronomy apps. It is also an excellent application that has a large, accurate database. It can be used to study the sky and experience the universe’s changing. Stellarium Plus’s role in leading and providing information depends on the purpose.

Download Stellarium Plus Mod APK v1.12.4 (Optimized) 


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