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The "School Days" game will allow you to live each day and hour in real-time. This includes getting up and going to class. You will also have to interact with the people and places in your city.
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Jul 25, 2023
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School Days Mod APK is a high school simulation game Mdickie offers free on Mobile. The game allows you to do anything you want, such as participate in school and social activities.

School Days MOD APK

This game is a lengthy process that requires you to accumulate experience each day. This is what makes this game so appealing. Its graphic design is, in our opinion, poor. However, its story and concept are great assets to help users get to the game.


The “School Days” game will allow you to live each day and hour in real-time. This includes getting up and going to class. You will also have to interact with the people and places in your city.

If you want to graduate high school with a high score, you will need to answer questions in 10 subjects. School Days has contests in the hall where you will have to answer questions and decide who is best. This game also requires that you decide if your day was full of joy and sadness.

You can customize the school using the built-in features of the game. For example, you can create a student or modify all your school’s teachers and staff members. This game is more appealing than ever because it offers an adjustable feature that promises to deliver unique and exciting experiences for players.

Features of School Days APK

The Real High School Life

The best thing about this game is that you can do anything in high school. You must be punctual and avoid getting into fights if you want to pass the level. You can’t concentrate on the class if you lose energy during a fight.

School Days MOD APK

There are three methods to achieve a high score. You can first read books to find the answer. This will take some time and is not always accurate. You can also get the answer from a good student. However, this will require you to pay. You can also cheat by searching for the answer online. It is possible to see it. It’s very similar to your real life.

If you wish, you can skip class and just kiss your girlfriend. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have maps, so it is easy to get lost. Do you see why this game isn’t suitable for children under 17?

Don’t Require Purchasing

This game is loved by many because it is completely free. It is free to purchase games. Setup is free. You don’t even need coins to level up or unlock funny features.

Many games offer free advertising. The producers will always find a way for you to lose your money, but we know that many games come with free advertising. You will be required to pay real money for fake skills and customs. School Days is therefore different. You won’t lose any money or coins.

Graphic Design

This game’s graphics design is a major problem. First, the scenes are very varied. They are very real and vivid. The designers seem to have attempted to accurately portray real-life situations.

The graphics design is acceptable in certain quantities. However, it is not a good game in terms of quality. First, the characters’ designs, hair colors, and customs are all very old. You will feel like you’re in the 90s.

Second, the in-game movement is not as smooth and fluid as you think. It looks fake and irritating, to be honest. The facial expressions of the characters are almost nonexistent in this game. This is a 2D game, and we should not expect too much. School Day’s graphics, however, are atypically weak compared to 2D games such as Hard Time (Prison Sim).

Sound Effects

Although the game’s graphics design is not the best, it does have a strong sound effect. Some players may be uncomfortable with the inexplicable buzzing. However, it makes the game feel more real for us.

This game has almost all the sounds you would expect to find in a day, such as an alarm clock, siren, and guitar practice at school. It is essential for sounds of pain because you will often be in battles. These sounds aren’t complicated or uncommon. These sounds are common, and you will hear them daily in your community.

Simple is best, you know. The game’s sound effects are great. You will find it fascinating. It is easy to adjust the volume or mute it.


This game is a great simulation game. It was able to simulate almost every high school experience. This is why this game is very difficult but fun. Do not fight with a teacher if you want to achieve a higher score or become a better student. Do you find it comparable to your real life?

We will also give this game an 8/10 if we want to discuss sound effects. Graphic design is only 5/10. It has outdated graphics that are poor and inept. The style of the hair, uniform, clothes, and clothing of the characters in the game is 2000-style.

Don’t forget to mention that this is a game for 17+. This game requires you to fight a lot, and you must experience a kiss scene. This game should not be played in front of children, and you shouldn’t allow them to see it.

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