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Reface Mod Apk (Pro Unlocked) is an app that allows you to change your face into photos or videos using the gallery in the app.
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May 5, 2024
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Reface Mod Apk (Pro Unlocked) is an app that allows you to change your face into photos or videos using the gallery in the app.

An application for video editing with distinct use from similar ones lets you modify the character’s face on any movie and then REFACE. Thus, users can access features that are simple to use but are also innovative when they have individuality. Additionally, storage and sharing are also easy and can be done with just one tap.

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Features of Reface Apk

Face Changing Option

At first glance, it’s easy for users to love this app because they can change their character’s face in videos or GIFS and find products on your page. You’ll also be able to organize them how you like with no limits! The only downside is that the features might take time to get used to, but each one makes sense once mastered, so there isn’t any hassle needed.

Reface is a program that has several features. On the right side of Reface, there are upload faces for use in videos or to change someone’s appearance on video footage without them knowing it was altered afterward because this will seem like their natural look! In the second place, you can find all kinds of gifs stored by category, such as love provokes laughter, happy birthday wishes, etc. Lastly, at the home page, provides access to finding new GIFs and seeing what kinds of things have been created with our app so far!

Change facial expressions in videos with Reface Mod Apk

The first step to take when you are confronted with Reface involves that you be required to choose an image you would like to substitute in your videos. The procedure is simple: just click the function button corresponding to your choice on the right and begin uploading any image. While doing this, when the photo is as transparent as your face or the face of another, then it’s pretty easy for the AI to identify it. In the next step, you’ll find a list of facial alternatives that appear to be a brand-new face.

Once you’ve updated your list, you’ll just click the button to activate it when you next utilize it. You could increase the number of faces by following the previously-mentioned easy steps. Next, you must decide the software you’d like to use to alter your appearance. In this program, two different sources can be used to create humorous videos you like. The two sources have different characteristics.

The primary reason is that you benefit from the videos this app provides. These can be from certain films or MVs. Make sure their quantity is vast to allow you to enjoy them over a few minutes the videos. In addition, you will see an X in every video to allow you to select the one you prefer to utilize. You’ll then discover what the application’s AI can do for you. For example, it can make you Iron Man in an impressive manner.

Another source is GIF saved within your Gallery. They may contain the same properties as videos. However, you’ll require specific software to create these. After you have the necessary ingredients, you can begin changing the look of the GIF, and the procedure is the same to perform the same function. You might not realize you can make the video or GIF you want all by yourself.

Upload and share your work on Social Media

Despite the function of storing your work, you will undoubtedly upload it onto different platforms. You can put them on social networking sites like Instagram or in conversation with Messenger friends so that one-touch sharing is possible for optimizing results. Your product will impress followers online who are waiting to see what’s new from just these two little buttons!

Keep your production in your style

After you have experienced the amazing features, you’ll be sure to develop impressive products using simple features. You will surely need to export your products easily. You can select which option to share or store the content with you. In addition, when you use the storage option, you can select two types of files, such as videos or Gifs. Each comes with its distinct feature, which you need to consider.

In the case of videos, you are able to make entertaining videos that you can publish on the platforms you prefer or convert into a different format. Additionally, another option to choose from is GIF. The features of GIFs can be completely different when you make a range of humorous expressions when you exchange them with your friends. Some could become hilarious memes. This is an excellent tool that will help you with various things.

Reface Mod Apk Features

  • Pro features of refa unlocked.
  • Edit unlimited videos.
  • Ads free.

How to use Reface Mod Apk?

Reface is a free, open-source video editing app for Android devices. It lets you combine multiple media sources into one video file to create compelling presentations.

  • To create a new project in Reface: Select ‘new’ from the menu after launching the app. Reface provides several default profiles you can edit to suit your needs.
  • To import media assets, click on the ‘+’ button in a recent or a new project and select files from your device storage by tapping ‘browse.’
  • You can also copy & paste media files from other apps using Android’s clipboard.
  • You can also import media files from your device’s external storage by tapping ‘browse’ next to the ‘internal’ button.
  • After you’ve added media, select their location on the timeline and edit their parameters: start and endpoint (offset), play speed, and whether they should be reversed or looped.
  • Add a title by entering or importing a text file, typing it, or editing its parameters.
  • Save your project file and share it on Google Drive, Dropbox, and YouTube, etc. Reface can also open projects from these places.
  • Replace media you have added to a recent project: Tap the ‘pen’ button in the project view.
  • Tap the media you wish to edit. Reface will open the media details editor, where you can edit any of the above parameters (offset, play speed, and loop). You can also import other files or copy text into your project notes & title directly from the editor.
  • Save changes by clicking ‘ok’ or hit ‘back’ to cancel the operation without saving.
  • To replace all media, click the ‘pen’ button next to the project name in the main menu and select one of the options under ‘replace’.

You can use Reface to perform simple video editing tasks such as splitting or trimming videos. The app lets you join multiple videos into a single clip and adjust their speed, play order, and looping parameters.


With Reface Pro Mod apk, you can make funny memes with your images. It’s easy to use and free! The mod is available for Android users too! Download it today and create some hilarious content that will be shared on social media in no time. When was the last time you made a meme? Try this app out – we guarantee you’ll love it. Let us know if you have any questions about using this app or what kind of photos work best by commenting below!

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