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Purrfect Tale's main character is a girl. She woke up one night and realized she was back in school age. She was regressing to her school age, to a time when she had to "breathe hard" and study under pressure.
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Oct 24, 2023
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BadMouse published Purrfect Tale MOD APK, a visual novel with simple gameplay. This is quite a strange name for the gaming community. It seems like this is their first game. Let’s find out more about the game in this article.

Purrfect Tale MOD APK

What is Purrfect Tale APK?

You’ll find many casual games in the Google Play Store. You can find various great games for your smartphone, including casual and battle royale.

You can also download casual games immediately if you don’t want to play action-packed ones. You can have tons of fun with them right now, such as Purrfect Tale, which has a special story.

BadMouse’s game, “Wake Up,” will make you feel like you are back in the past, as if you were a student. Then you meet a stray cat who will eventually turn your world around. And then you discover that it is a boy.

This game is unique because you can play through interactive comics while raising your cats. You can play with your cat, feed them, and make your own decisions.

The story

Purrfect Tale’s main character is a girl. She woke up one night and realized she was back in school age. She was regressing to her school age, to a time when she had to “breathe hard” and study under pressure. Her brain was overwhelmed by the amount of information she had to retain daily. One thing has changed. She was the one who found a feral cat. Surprisingly, the feral cat became a boy about her age. The player will decide if she wants to live with him and build a warm home together.


Purrfect Tale’s gameplay is very similar to dating simulator games. Your choices will determine the story of the game. The game could be called Interact Comics. You have to enjoy the story and make choices. Sometimes you can even transform into the main character.

Everyone agreed that student days were disruptive and naughty. So does our main character. She sometimes uses her phone during class to surf the internet, read stories, and sleep during class… Now, tap games have become tap games. You need to help her surf, read stories, and not be discovered by the teacher. You helped her go to the principal’s to “talk about tea” if she was discovered. Your mother will be called to report any arrests. This is it!

Features of Purrfect Tale APK

Decorate your home

You can build your house in the game. You can decorate your house, purchase furniture, and even get items for pets. The house also has a small garden that you can use to plant trees or just relax in the sun.

Play with your pets

You can also raise normal dogs or cats in addition to the cat boy. You can spend your spare time with them. This is a way for the boy and girl to make new friends while at school or work.

Send a message to share

Gradually, the little girl grew up and could live independently from her mother. The cat boy is now an adult. Her new home had a boyfriend. The cat must also go to work and is looking for a responsible adult to look after her. You can text your cat every day to exchange stress information. You feel part of the story with this feature.

Collect decorations

Purrfect Tale offers a variety of beauty products that you can get creative with. You can find adorable home decor as well as some very cute outfits. Pairings and cosplay items can be purchased to make your cat or yourself look great. There are many other ways to earn in-game items, such as by watching ads. This is also a way to support the developer.


The game’s graphics must be cute, as mentioned in the article. The developer must design cute items, characters, and landscapes to draw players.

The only problem is the music’s poor quality, repeated too often. Background music is important in games like these to generate excitement.


The game’s overall design is excellent, from the plot to the gameplay to the graphics. The game was not well received. Perhaps because they are a new developer and don’t understand the psychology behind players. Mobile gamers hate games with too many ads. You have a set number of hearts each day. This item will allow you to continue the story.

Because there are only so many hearts, people must watch many more ads to keep playing. You can also only view ads to get many items. It’s a lot of fun, and it is well worth the effort.

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