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You can create and join a party with friends using the app. It works like a group chat. It allows group members to add or remove others, chat with them and receive notifications.
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Are you a frequent player of multiplayer games? You can use Pinch APK for voice chat to communicate with anyone, view who’s online, and strategize online.

Pinch APK

Why use Pinch Apk?

Multiplayer games require communication. Many multiplayer games offer voice chat. If your game doesn’t support voice chat, you can still use Pinch.

To ensure players have the best mobile voice chat experience, we constantly update the Pinch Apk. We understand that Pinch was developed by gamers and the importance of having a clear, consistent voice chat experience.

Multiplayer games are a common feature of many mobile games. This allows players to work in real-time together to accomplish a goal.

Pinch Apk Features

Join a Party

You can create and join a party with friends using the app. It works like a group chat. It allows group members to add or remove others, chat with them and receive notifications.

Call a Friend

A pinch can be used to call your spouse. It is specifically designed to allow you to call your spouse while playing multiplayer mobile games. It functions as a messaging app so you can speak to all of your friends at once. You can choose whether to put your phone or not.


This app’s best feature is the ability to notify you when someone is online or is playing. It can integrate with your smartphone and read what you are playing, so it will show the game in the app. You can now see your friends’ activities, so you can quickly call them or keep in touch.

Works with all games

Pinch Apk was created for gamers and works with most games. It is a mobile game messaging application that can be used with all games. You can use it as a standalone device, even if you’re not playing any game.

You can access it while playing

It can be used as a standalone application, but it also works while you’re gaming. It is accessible via the button located next to your device. You can press buttons to increase, switch on voice chat, adjust volume, or end a call.


You will find settings with many options, such as overlay settings. These settings allow you to use pinch while playing another game or application. You can choose which apps to use. You can also adjust your notification settings and account settings and add friends.

Here’s how to use your pinch quickly

Because it works like any other messaging app, Pinch is simple to use. Here is a step-by-step guide to how you can use it.

  • You can use messaging apps such as B with Pinch to Add people to your mailing list.
  • You can make a group and phone calls with the app
  • Only Pinch lets you use an in-game messaging app different from other messaging apps.
  • You must install the app with pinch and messaging for your friends
  • Both phones have a call, mute and end-of-call features

We said that Pinch works like a messaging app but is designed for gaming.

Pinch vs. Regular Messaging Apps

The pinch can be described as a messaging app, but it’s also used for gaming. These are some similarities and differences to help you not get confused.

  • Pinch allows you to add people to your email list, like messaging apps
  • You can call and have a group calling
  • Only Pinch allows you to use this app in-game, unlike other messaging apps
  • Pinch, messaging apps, and other apps require that your friends have the app installed to add you.
  • Both functions can be used to call, mute or end the call.

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