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PetrolHead is one of the best names to choose if you want to play a racing simulation game. Playing the game gives you the chance to become a top racer and win every race.
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Feb 4, 2024
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Have you ever driven a vehicle? Do you enjoy controlling the car? If you are looking for a game that allows this, PetrolHead would be an ideal choice. PetrolHead is a game in the genre of simulation. The full title of the game is PetrolHead Mod Apk. It is a game where players will drive on asphalt. Additionally, you can accomplish several missions as you drive, participate in a drift racing event, or participate in an endurance race with engines.

PetrolHead MOD APK

PetrolHead is one of the best names to choose if you want to play a racing simulation game. Playing the game gives you the chance to become a top racer and win every race. This game is never boring because the improvements by the manufacturer and the continuous changes make the game more appealing. Join the game and get the most realistic driving experience while playing with your buddies.

What is Petrolhead APK?

Petrolhead Apk is a real game that requires us to choose a car and the map on which we wish to play this game. After that, we can begin playing. We do not have to be concerned about following all traffic rules in this game. It is possible to play without having to comply with traffic laws, just like there are no requirements to buckle our seat belts, and we do not have to pay fines for this. There is also a workshop that allows us to change the color and style of our vehicles.

PetrolHead MOD APK

If we choose one map, we must complete the tasks on the map to be able to access the next map and begin playing on the same map. Various types of badges and quests are available in this game. When we receive a reward, the award is added to our achievements, which will be displayed on our profile and then shown to the world to ensure that everyone can view our abilities. The game offers three methods of control for smartphones. These include tilt, steering wheel, and buttons. There are 14 languages available in the game.

What is Petrolhead Mod APK?

Petrolhead mod is the modified version that is the original version. You can download it free from any website besides the Play Store or the official site since it’s not available on the Play Store. The premium features with this version for free mean that we don’t have to pay a dime out of our pockets to access any features or spend our time watching ads of any kind. All types of ads are not blocked within this one.

We have various features, such as unlocking all cars that are top cars available in the official version unlocking all maps, unlimited customization and upgrading of our vehicles, and many more features for free. We can use these features within our gameplay.

Features of Petrolhead APK

These are the important features of this game:


While it is classified as a racing sport, PetrolHead: Traffic Quests is more of a genre for simulation. While playing the game, there is no need to worry about participants or speed. It is not necessary to compete for a prize or compete in the same way as other racing sports. All you need to do is take care when driving, adhere to the traffic laws and drive your vehicle to a safe parking spot. This game may appear simple to master, but the reality is more complex than you imagine. Driving the car requires a bit of driving experience.

It is possible to say that this game can assist you in improving your driving skills, from the most basic to the most difficult steps. You’ll be guided with enthusiasm and meticulously step-by-step, for example, making a stop at the red light following the law or turning left, right, or left when needed. Be able to overcome the obstacles and get your vehicle to the correct location; you’ve accomplished the task. You will then be awarded an award for your accomplishments. Don’t get angry because the tasks are not strict; it will allow you to train to become a better driver.


What’s better than having an entire collection of the most desirable and gorgeous automobiles? If you’ve ever thought of sitting at the top of a supercar or driving, this could be the perfect opportunity to realize your desire. More than 80 automobiles from the most renowned racing brands are available for you to pick from. You can select any car, including the SUV Sport and Supersport. Supersport depending on your personal preference.

PetrolHead MOD APK

In addition to the standard cars, besides the basic ones, there are many famous brands in the world present in the race. In addition to Lamborghini, Audi, Ferrari, and many more. They are called speed ghosts of awe and are named so because they possess a formidable ability that no other car can match. If you have one of these cars, you will certainly become a top racer and master any route you take.


You can choose two primary options: career mode and online mode within the game. Career mode acts similar to a coach and helps players to improve their basic skills. This mode is ideal for those just beginning to learn about this sport or wishing to improve their skills. Because this is a training session, the challenges are rigorous, therefore, it is essential to adhere to it or risk having all points taken away.

PetrolHead MOD APK

If you are not a fan of this binding, you can participate in the internet mode. It’s where you can drive comfortably and view the world around you through the window. It is yours to take whatever action you want; for example, driving through a red light, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt, you will not be punished. It will be the case that everyone has to be wary of at the track.

The features included in PetrolHead: Traffic Quests – Fun City Driving are well worth the time spent. Choose from a wide selection of supercars and take them for a spin in all directions. Take on difficult challenges, and you’ll become an experienced driver. What do you have to lose for entertainment and to assist you in learning more driving skills?

Amazing sound and realistic graphics

PetrolHead is a game created and created in collaboration with Lethe Studios. The company is a gaming development company located in Istanbul, Turkey. Lethe Studios found in 2020 to offer games that anyone will enjoy, experience different emotions, and feel the best quality and most profound details of the game’s concept. PetrolHead can be downloaded via Google Play and App Store. This means you can download the game on any mobile device that runs Android and iOS Operating Systems. PetrolHead is also compatible with tablets, such as iPad. The game is available for free download. Additionally, the game does not require you to connect to the Internet. Therefore, you can play anytime you like.

Additionally, 3D-based graphics catch the eye. In PetrolHead, players can travel to many places in the city. From bridges with water puddles following a rainstorm to tunnels and long streets, the realistic weather system within the game can take you into reality. You can view the sunset from the bridge or watch raindrops falling onto your car’s windshield. If you pay attention, you can also see tiny raindrops. In particular, a day or night cycle can make driving more exciting. The effect is real. It’s possible to smell how the car’s exhaust fumes are emitted when you open the throttle, but it is not running. With these realistic images, you’ll be able to feel like you’re driving on the street in the real world. Get the best graphics that are based on natural lighting.

Additionally, the sounds of the game are extremely thrilling. You can hear the engine’s sound as your car runs or the sound of the crash when the car crashes into an object like a lamppost or vehicle. A vibrant soundtrack and well-known songs will always give you a sense of excitement while driving your car. However, if you prefer peace and don’t want to disrupt your surroundings, you can switch off the sound in Settings.

Take your car out and explore new and interesting things

In contrast to other games, players will be taught how they play. However, in PetrolHead, it is up to you to figure out how to operate the car on your own. Starting the car, turning it around, speeding it up, or slowing down. It might be difficult. But it will help you in discovering and learning. Once you’ve learned how to manage your car, it’s about time that you demonstrate yourself. There will be plenty of missions to complete in the game. Therefore, you must find your way to finish all of the missions in a vibrant city and then earn accomplishments. You can earn rewards through badges following the combination of your accomplishments displayed on your profile. Some cars may appear on the roads. Be aware whenever you cross roads. Be sure to drive safely while you wait for your queue.

Additionally, you can own more than 80 vehicles you like that have top-quality graphics. Examples include Sedan, Hatchback, Luxury, Sport, SUV, and more. Each car will have 4 indicators (Top Speed and Power, 100 km/h 0-100, Brake). The more efficient the cars are, the higher the indicator will be. However, the cost of these vehicles will be expensive. Make a lot of money so that you can own the strongest vehicle. You can also improve your car, so it will run more efficiently.

Final Words

PetrolHead lets you modify the appearance of your car. From decals and colors to enhancements like steering wheel, rims or horn, and spoiler. Design the perfect car out of different combinations, showcase your dream car all around the globe, and take over the streets.

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