OSRS Wyrm Slayer Guide in Old School RuneScape

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August 27, 2023
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OSRS Wyrm Slayer Guide

Suppose you desire to slay all the best way in OSRS Wyrm in Old School RuneScape; you need a complete information OSRS Wyrm Slayer guide. Meanwhile, you wish to make progress in the game; therefore, you need to know about all hacks, secrets, and slaying equipment that helps to learn the perfect way to slay OSRS Wyrms.

OSRS Wyrm Slayer Guide

In the OSRS Wyrm Slayer guide, we will outline the key facts about the Dungeon, stats, and slaying equipment that one needs to win the battle and upgrade the gameplay by slaying the slithering monsters.

OSRS Wyrms

In Karuulm Slayer Dungeon, the player faces dastardly draconic Wyrms. Wyrms are the creature who inhabitants in Dungeon. OSRS Wyrms is the animal capable of entire leveling cities belonging to the ancient dragon’s races disappears at God Wars. OSRS Wyrm resurrects through an unfamiliar dragonkin, the latest version of the Wyrms considers a reincarnated form of those who once destroyed and dwelled forces and all surrounding forces of them.

Ascertain to reach the OSRS Wyrms, you will find them wriggling on the floor. On attack, OSRS Wyrms attack backs the player for that OSRS Wymrs glides off. OSRS Wyrms get slain by both kinds of attacks: Magic and Melee.

Magic Attack

OSRS Wyrms use the magic attack in its defense when the player attack from a distance. The Range attack style uses magic protection.

Melee Attack

OSRS Wyrms use armor with high defense bonuses seems like a viable method for killing Wyrms and dragonhide. High-fi players who possess 70+ Defence are fine with Karil’s armor and food.

            Types of equipment to Slay OSRS Wyrms

To Slay OSRS Wyrms player needs to use multi weapons, portions, and tricks to win the old-school RuneScape. In this OSRS Wyrm Slayer Guide, we try to pen down all the procedures and maneuvers.

Weapons in OSRS Wyrm Slayer Guide

Wyrms are vulnerable to Dragonbane arms that player has to choose between; two highly recommended Dragon Hunters are:

  • Crossbow
  • Lance.

Ascertain you face the Wyrms you need to Slay Level 62 and Level 70 to Attack by the Dragon Hunter Lance. Suppose you achieve Level 65 Range and choose the Dragon Hunter Crossbow to slay Wyrms.

    Defense Items in OSRS Wyrm Slayer Guide

OSRS Wyrm Stone boot

For a player’s defense, one needs to wear stone boots to avoid harm or damage by poison and keep Venom the immunity item to go with protection from Magic Attack. 

Broad Bolts

The equipment helps you and damages the bonuses on particular draconic monsters. Suppose you reach the Level of Slayer 55, use a Broad Bolts with Crossbow.

Zamorakian Spear

Zamorakian Hasta is the revolving version of the Lance that owns special effective attacks. For that, you need 300,000 coins to take part to the top of a Zamorakian spear.

 Hydra Claw

Suppose you get the Lance Dragon Hunter; make it with Hydra Claw from Zamorakian Hasta. Zamorakian hasta is a one-hand weapon uses to get 70 level attack, and you need to attain Barbarian Training areas, particularly the Fishing area, the Smithing area, or Firemaking sections.


Lance Dragon Hunter allows the increments in damage and accuracy while dealing with Draconian animals, including the Great Olm and Wyrms.

Slayer Helmet

The damage and accuracy multiply by using such equipment as Slayer Helmet, and Void Knight equipment is helpful with the increment.

Slay Levels

Ascertain you face the Wyrms you need to Slay Level 62 and Level 70 to Attack by the Dragon Hunter Lance. Suppose you achieve Level 65 Range and choose the Dragon Hunter Crossbow to slay Wyrms.

Combat Attacks

With the stats in mind, combat stats must sit around Level 85 to attack, while Defence, Magic, and Range must be in the vicinity of Level 80 to combat attack. Combat attacks give Strength to the Level of 60, where you can tackle the Dungeon attack.

OSRS Wyrm Safespot

Whenever it comes to fight, the OSRS Wyrms Slayer guide suggests is Safespotting. By the method many gamers, and it is effective when using the Ranged method of attack.

There are various in-color tiles on the floor of Dungeon to slay the OSRS Wyrms. Ascertain you attract the OSRS Wyrm in the red tiles, then go back to yellow tiles that you found on the ground. Meanwhile, you select to use the Crossbow ahead of the Lance, you have a distinct advantage.  


Combining this with a crossbow set to rapid-fire is considered the best way of taking down these enemies, so I would strongly recommend that you do so here.

Final Words

To sum up, as the OSRS Wyrms Slayer guide helps you about facing the OSRS Wyrms in the low levels, the Slayer Dungeon can daunt one as one goes in unprepared. Several approaches that you can take to overcome the monsters.

It definitely worth your time by raising the experience high enough, perhaps surpassing the requirement to ensure that one has the upper hand. Method of range proves to be the best but depends if it caters to playstyle. It is worth investing in Old School Runescape Gold and the other tools and required items you might need. Happy Slaying by using the OSRS Wyrms Slayer Guide.

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