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Ornamental Plants


Ornamental Plants

Although violas are usually grown annually, they can be frost-tolerant, and many can overwinter. They are ideal for container gardening because of their compact size and ability to flower freely. You can choose from various bright and festive colors, including white, purple, yellow, and orange. Sunset Boulevard is a combination of lemon and peach colors. Violas can be purchased at your local garden retailer.

VIBE – “Ignition Purple”

Ornamental Plants

VIBE’ Ignition Purple’ is a Salvia-James is a hybrid that combines beauty and strength. In spring and summer, the vibrant purple flowers are abundant. It is also extremely heat- and humidity-tolerant. “Ignition Purple,” grows between 18-24 inches. It is tall and wide and can be used for cutting gardens, flower borders, and wildlife plantings. It can be grown in Zones 7-11.


Ornamental Plants

Lavender is one of the most fragrant and colorful herbs. They dry well and can be used in potpourri, sachets, or kept in socks. Plants with brightly colored leaves repel mosquitoes and flies. Lavender (Lavandula spp.) It is very easy to grow, provided the soil is well-drained and slightly alkaline. Most species are hardy in Zones 5, 6, or 9.

Jolt Pink Dianthus

This dianthus has large, brightly-colored fringed flower heads that are attached to strong stems. Dianthus prefers colder spring temperatures. However, Jolt Pink can withstand heat and will make beautiful garden flowers all year. This flower is easy to grow for those who prefer neat and tidy container gardening. Jolt Pink can be grown as an annual or in Zones 7-10.

Blackbeard Penstemon

This perennial is extremely adept at attracting hummingbirds. Blackbeard’s white-accented, lilac-colored flowers rise above the dark-purple, mounded leaves. It can grow to 28-34 inches. It is 2 feet tall and wide and can bloom from early to mid-summer. Burgundy seedpods are also available, which extends the season of interest. “Blackbeard,” which is hardy in Zones 3-8, can be found.

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