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This app lets you create, enrich and improve your music creation. Create your mashups and remix your favorite songs by famous artists.
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Moises Systems
Jan 25, 2024
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Moises Mod Apk app allows you to modify any tracks you’d like! In this case, you can eliminate the instruments, vocals, and more!

Moises Mod APK


This program lets you create, enrich and improve your music creation. Create your mashups and remix your favorite songs by famous artists. This app is the ideal option for anyone and is suitable for all different ages. Still, especially for those interested in music, or for DJs, students, DJs, and musicians, even those who like to sing karaoke, can download this application to enjoy the most amazing features.

Additionally, this app is available worldwide across more than 175 countries, including Vietnam. It is available by Vietnamese to assist Vietnamese those who love music effortlessly to realize their musical potential without worrying about limitations in their language.

Features of Moises Premium

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t edit your music or audio files now using Moises Premium! Get these powerful tools today:

Edit audio files

There are many musicians and instruments across the world at present. Singers and musicians continuously create new music to listen to on various occasions.

If you’re looking to alter any music or audio you have in the present, you can do so by using a highly sophisticated platform. But, there’s a method to simplify it by using Moises Premium! The app allows users to modify any audio file and then make modifications!

Users can also extract and delete the vocals in an audio file, so they only hear sound. This allows users to make karaoke music or background sounds used within any film.

Moises Mod APK

In addition, users are able to remove all instruments from any audio like guitar, piano, percussion drums, etc. Additionally, you are able to use a variety of new instruments, for instance, the Speed Changer, Smart Metronome, Count In, and others. It is possible to make remixes of any music now and upload your remixes!

Music and Vocals

Many songs of today include lyrics. This is the way vocalists communicate. If you’d like to utilize the music without the vocals, it is possible to achieve this. It is easy to remove all vocals in any track with only a few taps.

The app will detect the voice tracks on the audio file. This means it’s not necessary to edit the file manually. This is an innovative option as normally; you’d require an expert in this area. In the end, you can utilize the audio of any video!

Changer of pitch and speed

With Moises Premium, You can use the Pitch changer tool that basically alters how loud the sound is pitched.

You can also control the volume or level at which you’d like to make the various elements of the music to be. This allows you to make any type of content today. Additionally, a Speed Changer function lets you speed or slow up audio.

Smart metronome, AI Chords detection

Moises Premium also has a Smart Metronome tool that allows users to create automatically synchronized click tracks.

Additionally, there’s another tool called the AI Chords detection tool, which lets you play the synchronized cords.

Trim, remix, and loop

This app allows you to be in a position to remix every instrument from any track! You can remix guitar, basslines, piano drums, and many more. Make stunning music today because you are able to edit it at your own pace here.


In order to begin taking part in the program, you have to make your account. You can sign up for the application through email or log in through your existing accounts, Facebook, Google, and Zalo, to make it easier to save time. In addition, the application can be used in Vietnamese to make it easier for you to make use of it. Two pieces of information will appear on the phone screen: import from URLs and applications. There will be three functions the manufacturer provides, which can be divided into four tracks, two tracks with five tracks. Each function will be distinct according to the selection. When you’ve made your selection click the submit button, then Moises begins processing the information for you. 

It will take only a few minutes for this to be completed. After that, you’ll be able to hit the download button within the Library section to download the file onto your computer. If you wish to alter the volume of the beats, choose the volume icon located near the bottom of your screen. Two icons are displayed as vocals and instruments to let you know how well the audio is. The following are the top benefits and features that Moises application provides users. It allows you to easily create music or remix your favorite music in your own style, and, most importantly, it won’t be wasted with the application. If you’d like to learn more interesting things about this app, visit Google Play to join us to explore more interesting features that will definitely not disappoint you.

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