Mekorama MOD APK v (Unlocked)

It is a fun puzzle game that requires the user to solve puzzles to advance through the levels. It has a simple plot, but requires the player to be quick, smart, and strategic.
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Martin Magni
Dec 31, 2023
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The game Mekorama Mod APK requires the user to solve puzzles to help a robot travel to its destination. It is recommended for both kids and adults. It has many cool features, but you will likely encounter ads in the standard version. The visuals of this puzzle game are clean and crisp. The blocks, grass, wood, and odd bots look fantastic in the game. The audio and soundtrack are also top notch. The game is very simple to play, but requires a bit of thought to get a good score.

It is a fun puzzle game that requires the user to solve puzzles to advance through the levels. It has a simple plot, but requires the player to be quick, smart, and strategic. The objective is to guide the little robot, B, to the end of the level. The game features a diverse range of animals and plants. The game uses a card system that allows players to collect cards and battle other players. The objective is to collect the most cards in each level.

50 unique levels

Mekorama Mod APK is a 3D puzzle game designed by the creators of Odd Bot Out. It features over 50 levels of increasing difficulty, and includes a variety of decks of cards. The game requires you to rotate the camera to view the environment from a different angle and zoom in to view obstacles and constructions. You can even create your own level using the tools available.

Mekorama Mod APK has fresh and clear visuals. Its graphical elements include blocks, grass, wood, and the occasional bot. The music and soundtrack are also of high quality.

Variety of decks of cards

This game is a free download on Google Play Store and offers plenty of options for fun. It uses a brain-bending approach to solve puzzles and make the robot reach its destination. It is suitable for both kids and adults. The graphics are very eye-catching and enticing, and the game has been downloaded over 50 million times.

The game features over 50 unique levels, each with its own set of challenges. The game allows players to rotate and zoom in and out of blocks. There are many decks of cards available to choose from, and each one allows for a different type of play. Players can also create their own levels, and the game mechanics become more complex as the game progresses.

Immersive experience

Mekorama is a puzzle game that requires you to think on your feet. The game features four tiers, each consisting of 25 levels. Each tier contains different puzzles and is designed to challenge players’ spatial imagination. You will be required to tap on the building blocks and move them in different directions. The game also features a level editor. Players can create new levels by tapping on the building blocks.

Mekorama MOD APK

The game features a cute flying robot with a big round eye. The puzzles are intricate and the game world is filled with many beautiful and imaginative levels. The game is also easy to play with its straightforward context. You can play as an adorable robot that flies through the air and reluctantly lands on the ground. The game’s logic and layout make it an excellent puzzle game.


Mekorama is a great puzzle game that can teach your child to love reading. There are fifty different levels in which you have to interact with the environment. You must turn blocks and use switches to reach the end of the level. You can also use the in-line editor to create custom levels. The game is suitable for all ages.

The standard version of Mekorama comes with a lot of free features and some paid ones. The game requires you to assemble blocks to create a path for a robotic character to follow. While the standard version has many cool features, it can also include a lot of ads.

Final Words

The game is distributed for free, and it has no in-game advertisements. The only monetization system in this game is a bit romantic: the author asks players to pay him what they think he deserves. However, this system might make some players uncomfortable. They might feel embarrassed to donate money.

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