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You can make the most of your space and produce more plants by using an intensive planting bed.

Follower Bed

Are you limited on space in your garden? Intensive gardening allows you to strategically plan your garden beds in order to increase the number of plants that are produced. It’s easy to do; all you need is a few materials and a vision for your garden.

What you need:

  • String
  • Dowels and small sticks
  • Trowel or dibble
  • Seedlings
  • Water

Step 1: Establish Grid

Prepare the soil for planting by digging 8-12 inches deep and then turning over a few shovelfuls to loosen the soil. You can also add organic matter such as manure or compost. The more organic matter that you add, the better.

Follower Bed

Next, run lines of string to create a grid. This grid will allow you to position your young plants at the right distance.

Step 2: Plant Seedlings

Dig holes with a trowel or dibble. Take the seedling out of its container and gently grasp the leaves to help guide it.

Place the plant in the hole in the same depth as it was in its container. Keep in mind to gently rub around the plant stem. This will allow the roots to contact the soil.

If you’re planting seeds, make sure to place your fingers in evenly spaced depressions in the soil. To determine how deep you should make your depressions, refer to the instructions on the seed packet.

Step 3: Get water

Water well. Apply a gentle spray of water to transplants using a watering bottle or hose-end sprayer. To avoid damaging the soil, you can use the shortest setting on your hose-end sprayer for seeds.

Follower Bed

By following these mentioned steps, you can easily build a flowering bed and can grow more plants and flowers. This is the perfect way of gardening if you are facing a lack of space.


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