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Going Ball Mod Apk is a game in the endless runner genre that's a little different from other games since you play as a ball instead of a person.
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Going Balls MOD APK is a popular action game with over a hundred million downloads. Its gameplay consists of rolling a ball on the road to reach the end. It’s a game in the endless runner genre that’s a little different from other games since you play as a ball instead of a person. It features unique stages and interesting levels with escalating gameplay.

What is Going Balls Mod APK?

Going Balls Mod APK is a fun, casual game that allows you to jump around and through various obstacles. This game is available in both an official and modified version.

The game offers interesting visual elements and a great audio experience. You can upgrade your skills and experience more varied levels of difficulty. The music and sound effects are also powerful and responsive. The game can also be played offline, so you can enjoy it without needing a computer or mobile internet.

Going Balls MOD APK

The game starts by having you control the ball through several stages. Each level features different obstacles that stop you from reaching the end of the level. The higher you progress, the harder the obstacles are.

[su_box title=”Interesting Information ” box_color=”#2FB314″]In this game, you have to hit the target with a ball. You can also control the direction and speed of the ball. Hit the target but avoiding obstacles. [/su_box]

Going Balls APK Features

Interesting levels with escalating gameplay

Going Balls offers hundreds of levels that offer new experiences and refreshing level setups. The game is easy to control, with simple touch controls. You can swipe up or down to slow down or accelerate the ball. You can also use left and right movements to guide the ball around obstacles. This game is suitable for beginners and experts alike, and the difficulty level is reasonable.

Offline Game Mode

Another great feature of Going Balls is its offline mode. You can play it anytime without an internet connection or mobile data. You will find interesting levels and a wide variety of balls with unique advantages and disadvantages. The game has an excellent soundtrack and controls that will allow you to enjoy your time playing the game no matter where you are.

Hit the Target with the Ball and Avoid Obstacles

The game requires you to use the balls in the right way to hit their targets. You must move the balls in a manner that will avoid obstacles and hit the target. There are interesting levels that are increasingly challenging. The game’s endless money is another highlight.

Incredible trails with extreme experiences

If you’re looking for a game that offers hundreds of different levels and unique experiences, then you’ll love Going Balls! This casual game brings hundreds of different levels and fun props to the table, along with a streamlined interface and reasonable difficulty levels. There’s no shortage of challenges, and the game has been updated to include the latest features.

Control the Speed and Direction of the Ball

You’ll want to start the game by rolling the ball along the road, where you’ll encounter obstacles and turns. You’ll be able to control the speed and direction of your ball by swiping right or left. Some levels feature curved boards, moving blocks, and other obstacles that will make your adventure more challenging. And it’s all free for Android players to download!

Intuitive Interface

Going Balls feature an intuitive interface and touch controls to make the game easy to use. Simply swipe your fingers to accelerate or slow the ball down, and use your left and right fingers to navigate your way through the game’s different levels. You can also customize the game’s settings to suit your preferences, allowing it to fit your needs.

Multiple obstacles

Going Balls APK is an exciting puzzle game that allows you to roll a ball over various obstacles. There are many different levels to play, and each level has various obstacles to overcome. The higher you progress, the more difficult the obstacles become. You must use your focus mode and be able to dodge them to get to the end of the level.

Collect Coins and Other Items to use in the Game

You can collect coins, keys, and other items from the game’s levels. While playing the game, you can also earn bonuses, like extra lives or gold coins. The graphics in Going Balls are incredibly cute in a three-dimensional design. The game is a lot of fun, and there’s something for every player level.

Complete Levels and Get Rewards

The game is made up of hundreds of different levels. Each level has its unique elements and gameplay. Each level increases in difficulty, and players will receive rewards for completing each. The game also features two-player modes, which allow you to play with up to two other players through Facebook or Id. Each level takes about five minutes to complete.

Multiple Interesting Levels

Going Balls is an enjoyable, simple platform game that lets you experience the thrill of bowling in a completely new way. It relies on simple controls and can be played anywhere. The game includes multiple interesting levels that you can complete. You can begin with a few simple obstacles and progress to more difficult levels as you accumulate coins. While going through these levels, you can unlock new balls that can improve your stats.

Hundreds of levels give Going Balls a variety of different challenges. Each level has its design and features obstacles and items. The game also includes many interesting personalization options. You can play the game for free or buy in-app purchases. The game contains ads, but they’re not intrusive. Moreover, there’s a way to remove all ads.

Choose your Own Character and Customize the Character

Going Balls allows you to choose your character. For example, you can play with a soccer ball, a pumpkin, or a bomb. Each character has its special abilities. You can control your character by using your finger, and by pressing the display, you can turn it, stop, or jump over obstacles. The game is also accompanied by fun sounds that make the experience even more fun.

Play and Get Top Rankings

Playing and getting top rankings in Going Balls is a fun and challenging game with many modes. It uses swipe controls and offers background music and scene selection. Players will need to focus and practice their skills and techniques to succeed. This game also offers several modes that allow players to compete against friends and other players to win rewards.

Purchase New Skins and Unlock Chests

Going Balls is a challenging game that requires great balance and attention to detail. It is essential to control the ball, from speed to physics. You must be precise in your every gesture to ensure you reach the goal. As you play, you will collect coins and keys, which can be used to purchase new skins and unlock chests. With hundreds of levels and many obstacles to overcome, the game will have you addicted in no time.

Create your Levels

The game offers multiple modes to compete with other players. There is a duel mode, a single-player game mode, and an arcade mode. The game also has a level editor that allows you to create and share your levels online. You can also play in multiplayer mode with up to four other players. The game also includes online tournaments. It also has plenty of customization options and is free to download and play.

Stunning Graphics

The stunning graphics and audio and the responsive sound effects keep players hooked. In addition, the gameplay is easy to understand and very enjoyable.

Final Words

Going Balls is a free mobile game that allows players to take on epic rides while bouncing worldwide. The game has an intuitive and simple control system and a range of tracks with varying difficulty levels. The game also offers several unique in-game interactions and mechanics. Users can move their balls around to make them bounce higher, lower, or roll through various obstacles.

Going Balls is a fun game that is both addictive and challenging. Players are challenged to navigate a series of obstacles to reach the end. To progress, users must avoid obstacles and collect gold coins. Their money can be used to buy new skins and access new levels.


Is going balls Mod Apk free to play?

Answer: Yes, this game is free to download and play, you can even collect free items with our mod version.

Can I control the speed and direction of the ball?

Answer: Yes, you can control the direction and speed of the ball to hit the target.

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