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The app offers solutions to mathematical issues by asking users to take a photograph of the issue exercise, task, or operation. When you open this app, an automated chat window opens. It is here that you can scan and then send the query.
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You’re stressed because you don’t know how to organize your mathematical knowledge. You’re looking for ideas to solve a challenging math problem that has left you anxious for a few days. You’re planning to take an exam-style mock test to prepare for your university test in Algebra, or you want to know better the geometry formulas which aren’t even mentioned in school. In any of these scenarios, Gauthmath Mod APK can aid you quickly and easily on your tablet and mobile.


What is Gauthmath APK?

Imagine using an app for your phone that immediately solves any maths issue? How thrilling would it be if the application’s complexity wasn’t an issue? So, download and run the Gauthmath application by Gauthtech PTE. Ltd today and start receiving explanations to the math questions you have.

The Gauthmath application provides instant assistance for your math homework. It’s a tool for education that helps solve all kinds of math issues while at the same time giving clear explanations. It provides students of all levels with individual assistance in solving mathematical issues to which they will receive answers!

If you’re stuck in the middle of a calculation or need assistance in your math class, then this is the app to install on your mobile.

Explanations to All Your Math Problems

The app offers solutions to mathematical issues by asking users to take a photograph of the issue exercise, task, or operation. When you open this app, an automated chat window opens. It is here that you can scan and then send the query.

When the app is confirmed that it has captured the correct data, it will show the results within minutes. It doesn’t only give us additional steps for answering questions, and it also includes online tutorials to supplement the explanations.

This math problem solver assists users with all kinds of problems from various math subjects, including trigonometry operations, algebra, geometric calculus, matrices and much more. Additionally, you will receive assistance with word problems. The users will get just five tickets. Users must invite new users to obtain additional tickets to resolve other issues.

Features of the Gauthmath App

Through this application, you will have live math tutors available 24 hours a day and receive math-related solutions accompanied by step-by-step instructions! Here are a few features of the application.

Snap and resolve

Many people attend schools in the present because they have to master various areas. There are numerous things students must be aware of today to secure employment later on.

The most important subjects students are taught include English, Maths, Science, History, Religious Education, Geography, Civics, and numerous others. The majority of students today have trouble teaching Math because it requires the ability to memorize, think deeply and have a sharp memory. With Gauthmath, you will be able to easily solve your problems today.

This app lets you be able to play with a variety of Math issues that you can quickly solve. Take a picture of the written issue on paper with your phone. The application will solve it for you!

You can use this app to solve nearly every Math issue, such as Function, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Logic, Matrix, Geometry, and many others. With all the amazing features available, you can get an app for free today to tackle Math issues.

Different Math Topics

With Gauthmath, you’re free to explore a myriad of subjects today. You can tackle various Math issues, including Geometry, Trigonometry, Matrix, Logic, Function, Geometry, Calculus, and many more.

There’s also a variety of subjects that you can tackle by using the application. With this application, you can tackle any problem by using the app now. If it’s a word puzzle or a math equation app, it’ll provide step-by-step solutions to help you improve your skills!

Experts in Live Math

This app also includes experts who are living from around the globe, ready to help you 24 hours a day. This app lets you be free to have a one-on-one tutoring session to be in-depth about certain Math issues and topics.

This way, you do not have to physically pay tutors to visit your home. The app is free to use. In this app, you can take advantage of live chats to solve your Math issues right now.

Free to use

The app is free to use, and you can earn tickets to solve issues through various activities. There are plenty of advanced features you can use for free with this app now!

Turn Off Covered Topics

The app has an option that lets you note topics you’ve already received assistance on. This is an excellent method of identifying the areas you need help on and those you’ve already covered.


Gauthmath assists you in solving math problems from every area in the quickest time that is possible, anyplace, anytime. In addition, it allows you to revisit old information and gain new. If you’re passionate about math but need assistance to help you with your math, download Gauthmath here.

Download Gauthmath MOD APK v1.45.0 (Unlimited Tickets)


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