Fishdom MOD APK v (Unlimited Money)


You'll need to fill your tank and have your fishes settled in their preferred habitats. To keep your fish healthy, you can add support equipment and make the tank more attractive by adding interesting objects.
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Jan 18, 2024
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Fishdom Mod Apk is an amazing mobile game by Playrix that will be a hit with fish lovers. You’ll have to build your ultimate aquarium. You have access to a variety of fish, decorations, and equipment you can use to make your tank healthier.

Fishdom MOD APK

You can also have fun with match-three as part of your in-game challenges. You can fill your aquarium with new species, expand it to have more, collect interesting decorations and create your fish tank.


The game will have players playing the role of Tina the Turtle, a fish lover who is first introduced to her new aquarium. You will notice that the tank appears empty.

You’ll need to fill your tank and have your fishes settled in their preferred habitats. To keep your fish healthy, you can add support equipment and make the tank more attractive by adding interesting objects.

Fishdom MOD APK

Fishdom gamers can enjoy endless levels of match-three gameplay to unlock new fishes and other decorations. To earn coins, complete certain challenges and complete levels to unlock new fishes or have more decorations added to your tank.

You can interact with fishes by feeding them, playing with them, and much more. Fish lovers will find the game more enjoyable.

Fishdom APK Features 

You are free to make your fish tank

Fish enthusiasts will love the easy and addictive Fishdom gameplay. You will be creating amazing tanks with some of the fascinating species. You can make your tank look amazing by adding new decorations whenever you have the funds. You can interact with your fishes whenever and wherever you want, which is great. You can feed, talk to, or assist your fishes in many ways.

Enjoy a variety of match-three challenges

Fishdom gamers will enjoy endless levels of match-three fun to help their fish. You can enjoy the match-three gameplay and get wholesome rewards by completing certain levels. You can collect enough coins to buy new fish, decorations, and a tank with completely new environments.

Use the amazing boosters to help you hack your way to victory

Fishdom gamers can also match gems and create unique buffs. You can hack your wins with the insane rocket and zapper buffs.

You can unlock new tanks that contain more species

You’ll also be able to unlock new tanks whenever you want. Explore new tanks and discover new fishes you can add to your tank. You will have fun raising adorable aquatic animals in different habitats and environments.

Fishes that have a personality are fascinating

You’ll also notice that the fishes are more active. Fishdom aquariums have a lot more to offer than being boring, stupid creatures. They are smart, intelligent, and very interesting. You’ll have a lot of fun interacting with each fish, as they all have their personalities and characteristics. Talk to your fishes, and have fun playing with them. You can help them with tasks related to their tank life and more. Sometimes, fish companions can give you great advice. This is a cool thing.

Play the game with your friends or online gamers

Fishdom gamers can also play online with friends to make it more fun. You’ll be competing against some of the most skilled players. This makes the game more exciting and competitive.

You can link your Facebook account with the game to access many useful features such as online sync and online gaming with friends. You can also check out their aquariums and assist them with specific tasks when you have the chance. You can also compete with them for the best tank.

Earn rewards by helping your fishes with diverse missions

Fishdom’s fishes are not your average creatures. You’ll be amazed at how intelligent they are. Despite their already shocking talk ability, they are extremely intelligent. Even fish-related topics can be suggested to you. Sometimes, your fishes can help you complete missions and receive unique rewards.

Our mod allows you to make unlimited money

The game is still freemium, so you might be bothered by ads or in-app purchases. This can sometimes prove to be very annoying. You might consider our modified version instead. You’ll have unlimited money and ad-free gameplay, making the game even more enjoyable. To enjoy the full game, download and install Fishdom Mod APK.

Download Fishdom MOD APK v7.82.0 (Unlimited Money) 



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