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Fire Kirin 777 is an exciting and thrilling fishing game. You can have sea adventures and catch many different kinds of fish to reap the rewards.
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Fire Kirin
September 23, 2023
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Fire Kirin 777 is an exciting and thrilling fishing game. You can have sea adventures and catch many different kinds of fish to reap the rewards. The more advanced you become in Fire Kirin, your task will be more difficult. You should also use different weapons, tools, and new game modes. You must also defeat all enemies such as Laser Shrimps, Missile Shrimps, Mad Sharks, and other types of opponents. Fire Kirin App offers very simple and smooth gameplay with HD Graphics.

Fire Kirin 777 APK

You will be amazed at the effects and other improvements to the user interface. You will also enjoy the interactive display. With the customizable options, you can play slot games. You can also challenge your Fire Kirin friends, where you can play with more than 10 people. We will be showing you more unique features and unlimited improvements. Here’s a link to Fire Kirin Apk for Android/ iOS iPhone, along with all information about the game.

What is Fire Kirin APK?

Fire Kirin New Version 2022 is an updated version of Fire Kirin. These are the best marine and fish games you can play on Android, iOS, iPhone, and PC. Fire Kirin is based on the idea of catching fish, sea monsters, and whales. You just need to aim the joystick at the fish and get reward points ranging from 10 to 1000.

There are many types of fish you can catch. Click on Fire Projectiles to catch Mermaids and other fish like Mermaids and Dear Dragon. Fire Kirin has many characters that you can easily upgrade. You can also use the extras and control options that Fire Kirin offers.

You can also play Firekirin APK in multiple modes. You can challenge your family and friends to Fire Kirin online or multiplayer. This part of the game is also available to gamblers if they are fans. Fire Kirin MOD offers interactive displays, enhanced graphics and sounds, and other unique enhancements.

Fire Kirin 777 APK Features

Get New Features

You will be able to try new features and items that are not available in the older versions. The game has received updates and other incredible additions.

Interactive Display

An interactive display with lots of effects and fun parts makes Where Fire Kirin a game that is addictive.

New Characters

Fire Kirin has a wide range of sea monsters and characters. You can upgrade characters such as Dear Dragon and Laser shrimp.

MOD Menu

The main menu is updated, as with many other developed sea games. Fire Kirin MOD has a modified menu.


You cannot customize any character in the game. You can also upgrade your items to get new customization options.

HD Graphics

Similar to Hungry shark or other modified fish games. HD graphics improved the user interface, background, colors, and effects.

New Modifications

To gain experience, you can play the single-player mode when you first start playing. You can also join Fire Kirin online multiplayer or other modes.

Missile Shrimp

This is the most important and best addition to the game. Missile Shrimp, an S-T missile that kills much fish in one hit, was added to the modified version of the game.

No root

Before downloading Fire Kirin Apk on Android, iOS, and PC, the latest version of 2022, you will not need to grant any permissions. The game is not required to be installed and can be downloaded in a small, suitable size.


Download the game file to your phone now and get started playing. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows PC versions.

Fire Kirin 777 Download 2023

After playing the game, I find it very interesting and decided to share my review with the readers. After discussing the important features, I am sharing Fire Kirin 777 download link with you.

How to get Fire Kirin 777 Login details?

You need to create an account after downloading the app.


Fire Kirin 777 APK 2023 is an entertaining listening game. You can fish on Mermaids (Mad Sharks), Missile Shrimp, and other species using your fishing skills. You will enjoy smooth gameplay, improved graphics, and a familiar interface. You can also play the game in multiple game modes, with ads removed and unwanted files removed. There are also errors in older versions that have been corrected.

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