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In Family Farm Seaside, you can join a farming cooperative with other players, allowing you to work together to complete tasks and earn rewards.
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Feb 24, 2024
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If you are looking for a fun and engaging game to play during the festive season, “Family Farm Seaside” is a perfect choice! Developed by Century Games Pte. Ltd, this game promises to provide a great farming simulation experience that will leave you with many wonderful memories.

Cooperative gameplay

In Family Farm Seaside, you can join a farming cooperative with other players, allowing you to work together to complete tasks and earn rewards. Co-op members can help each other with harvesting crops, feeding animals, and fulfilling orders. The more you work together, the faster you’ll progress in the game. Co-ops also offer perks like cooperative shops, where you can purchase unique items that aren’t available in the regular store.

Start Your Journey to Build Your Dream Farm

As a player, your mission is to create a dream farm by the seaside. You will start with humble beginnings, but with hard work and dedication, you can raise cute farm animals, harvest a variety of crops, and make a lot of money to expand your great farm.

family farm seaside mod apk

Enjoy a Variety of Activities on Your Farm

“Family Farm Seaside” offers a range of fun activities for you to do on your farm. As a farmer, you will have to take care of your crops, raise livestock and poultry, build houses and agricultural machinery, and much more. The game offers over 300 unique crops and products that you can grow, harvest, and produce.

Decorate Your Farm in Your Own Style

The game offers over 500 different decorations that you can use to decorate your farm in your own unique style. You can create an amazing farmhouse and share your wonderful pictures with your friends.

Adopt Pets and Cook Delicious Dishes

One of the most loving features of Family Farm Seaside is the great pets you can adopt, such as cows, rabbits, and horses. You can also create outfits for your pets. The game also offers over 600 different dishes for you to cook. Additionally, the game regularly adds new quests and events to keep things exciting for players.

Seasonal events

The game regularly features special events and challenges based on holidays and seasons. During these events, you can participate in special quests, mini-games, and competitions to earn unique rewards. For example, during the Halloween event, you might have to grow pumpkins and collect spooky decorations for your farm, while during the Christmas event, you might have to craft presents and decorate a Christmas tree.

Fishing mini-game

In addition to farming, “Family Farm Seaside” features a fun fishing mini-game. You can cast your line into the nearby lake and catch different types of fish using different bait and fishing gear. Each fish you catch can be sold for coins or used in recipes to make delicious dishes.

Quests and achievements

The game features a variety of quests and achievements to complete, which can earn you coins, diamonds, and other rewards. Quests are usually focused on specific tasks, such as planting a certain number of crops, while achievements are more long-term goals, like reaching a certain level or earning a certain amount of money. Completing quests and achievements can help you progress faster in the game and unlock new features.

family farm seaside mod apk

Beach Resort feature

You can also manage a beach resort in Family Farm Seaside. You can build and upgrade different facilities like bungalows, restaurants, and swimming pools to attract tourists and earn profits. Managing your resort well will require strategic thinking and resource management skills.

Explore the Island and Create Your Own Beach Resort

Aside from farming, you can also explore the island and uncover its mysteries. You can even create your beach resort and become its owner, attracting tourists and making huge profits. You can also compete with other farmers in the Farm Beauty Contest and visit your neighbors’ farms to earn more prizes.


Family Farm Seaside is one of the oldest and most popular farm simulation games on mobile phones. The game offers beautiful 2D graphics, a range of fun activities, and valuable life lessons for children. With support for various languages, you can enjoy the game no matter where you are in the world. Start your journey to build your dream farm by downloading Family Farm Seaside APK today!

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