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With dozens of unique in-game locales available for you to explore freely, Extra Lives offers thrilling in-game activities. You may effortlessly interact with the thousands of various in-game items to experience thrilling trips.
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March 4, 2023
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In particular, games like Back Wars and a few others have ceased to amuse us with their absurd locations and comical fighting styles. And now that Extra Lives Mod APK is accessible for Android devices, mobile gamers will have the opportunity to go on even more amazing and amusing adventures with their favorite characters. And this time, the game will transport you to a zombie-infested environment.

Extra Lives MOD APK

Enjoy the thrilling and exciting in-game activities as you team up with other zombie survivors on your missions to thwart the undead and preserve the planet. Immerse yourself in the captivating conflicts that are both addictive and exciting to play.


You may now enjoy the great experiences of Extra Lives, which offer a tonne of new in-game features if you’re interested in the exciting gameplay of mobile action. As you embark on your ultimate journey to survive on a shattered planet and combat the zombies, have fun with the intriguing in-game stories. Join several factions on their campaigns to victory to unlock awesome adventures. Take part in epic conflicts in a world where zombies are in charge.

With dozens of unique in-game locales available for you to explore freely, Extra Lives offers thrilling in-game activities. You may effortlessly interact with the thousands of various in-game items to experience thrilling trips. Most significantly, Extra Lives will stand out from many other games due to its entertaining combats with unique fighting motions and mechanics. This enables you to fully take advantage of the thrilling gameplay of activities.

Features of Extra Lives APK

Easy-to-use and clear MDickie touch controls

If you’re interested, you can immediately enjoy the straightforward and understandable gameplay of fighting and zombie survival adventures. Use the common virtual touch controls in many other MDickie games. Use your virtual analog to freely navigate the sandbox map, using the available colored buttons to carry out different combos and assault moves. Have fun thinking of different strategies to defeat your adversaries.

Customize your characters at will

Additionally, you can freely build and personalize your in-game characters, enhancing the gaming experience. Please feel free to modify your profile by adding several adjustable details. Create your character’s stats according to some default settings. Modify your outfits and accessories to increase the enjoyment and excitement of the game. Most significantly, Extra Lives should make your in-game experiences far more enjoyable and thrilling thanks to its many fascinating personalization options.

Extra Lives MOD APK

Use immersive narratives to learn the stories

Additionally, Extra Lives will introduce Android players to immersive narratives throughout their in-game adventures. These narratives will successfully portray the fantastic stories of your encounters with zombies or your attempts to survive them. All of which ought to make the narrative quite captivating and immersive overall. Enhancing all of your in-game activities when using Extra Lives.

Become a member of various warring factions and engage the opposition

Android players will appreciate the action-packed gameplay of Extra Lives’ mobile actions, which features eight distinct warring factions at battle with one another, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Despite their various ideologies and views, they all share the desire to exterminate the zombies and give humanity a chance. You can choose between each side and join one of them in their ultimate mission to exterminate zombies and other opponents.

Several characters to play and interact with

Additionally, Extra Lives gives a variety of playable characters, so the game will be more engaging. With over 200 different characters to choose from straight once, each with unique qualities and features, the in-game narratives should become much more engaging. Enjoy Extra Lives as you unlock a tonne of entertaining gameplay and interactivity by diving into your selection of stories.

Interesting places to explore and play in

Those of you who are interested can now make use of the fantastic in-game settings to enhance your gaming experiences. You can explore a variety of settings with various layouts and interactive elements here. Feel free to explore 50 various places while having fun with puzzles, combat, and several more thrilling experiences.

Thrilling battles with lots of interactive components

Additionally, Extra Lives offers a variety of interactive goods and things that you may pick up and use against your adversaries as you compete in thrilling in-game battles. Enjoy Extra Lives’ fantastic combat gameplay as you slam fascinating objects into your adversaries and engage in even more lethal battles. The game will let you have fun with fantastic gunfights, swordplay, and more, not just a few basic punches and kicks.

Numerous fun game modes

Thanks to the many readily accessible game modes available, those interested in the thrilling gameplay of Extra Lives can enjoy the game more. Please join any of them to make the game more enjoyable.


Enjoy the thrilling gameplay of survival as you figure out how to stop the zombies from eradicating all human groups. As you work to exterminate the terrible undead, devise innovative strategies to combat the adversaries and consider any means of bringing the factions together.


For those interested, there are a variety of thrilling Deathmatch activities in which you can have fun using Extra Lives. Feel free to participate in the titanic battles against the approaching foes with your fellow survivors. To prevail in deathmatch challenges, you must survive a limitless variety of foes.


Extra Lives also provides its Editor mode, which is accessible to everyone who wants to personalize their in-game levels to continue to enjoy the game in their unique ways. Here, you can add and remove any in-game components to customize the matchups to your tastes. Therefore, experiment freely without worrying about anything.

Free to Play

And despite all the fun in-game features, Android gamers can still play Extra Lives for free on any mobile device. You are not forced to pay to participate in the thrilling combat activities offered here.

Have pleasure playing the game’s unlocked version

However, as the game is still freemium, advertisements and in-game purchases will always be present. As a result, you might choose to play the game in its modified form on our website. Here, we provide you with limitless in-game purchases, no adverts, and various fun features. All of these are easily enabled with our Extra Lives that have been unlocked. All you have to do is download the Extra Lives Mod APK from our website, then enjoy.

Graphics and Sounds

Prepare to plunge into Extra Lives’ funny action scenes as you explore the iconic MDickie graphics. Discover the unique and thrilling visual adventures that feature incredible combat and engaging storylines. And like most MDickie games, Extra Lives has simple graphics that make it playable on most Android devices.

Extra Lives offers immersive audio to fully appreciate the battle encounters and the stunning in-game images. As a result, whenever you desire, you can immediately immerse yourself in the fantastic gameplay of faction.

Final Words

Extra Lives should provide the usual RPG gameplay, along with intriguing adventures, for you to freely enjoy on most of your Android devices if you’re interested in an adventure’s new and thrilling gameplay. Additionally, you should thoroughly enjoy the game thanks to the free and unlocked version available on our website.

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