European War 5: Empire v MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Medals)


European War 5 Empire MOD APK is an engaging turn-based strategy game set in 18th-century Europe. Enjoy multiple game modes, army command options, and historical accuracy. Download now!
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Sep 6, 2023
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European War 5: Empire-Strategy Mod APK is an epic turn-based strategy game developed by EasyTech, one of the leading developers in the genre. This game is the fifth installment in the European War series and has been widely popular among strategy game lovers. The game is set in Europe during the 18th century and offers players the opportunity to take command of a nation and lead it to victory on the battlefield. The game is available for download on Google Play Store and can be played on Android devices.

Features of European War 5: Empire-Strategy APK

European War 5 Empire Mod APK

Below are amazing features of the game that you will surely enjoy:

Historical Accuracy:

European War 5: Empire-Strategy APK is a historically accurate game that brings to life the events and battles of the 18th century. The game features accurate maps, weapons, and uniforms that are true to the period. This level of historical accuracy adds to the game’s immersion and makes it an enjoyable experience for history buffs.

Realistic Graphics:

The game boasts of realistic graphics that make the battles and events come to life. The game’s graphics are designed to replicate the look and feel of the 18th century, and the attention to detail is impressive.

Multiple Nations:

The game allows players to choose from 12 nations, including France, Britain, and Spain. Each nation has unique strengths and weaknesses, making the game a test of strategy and tactics.


European War 5: Empire-Strategy APK features a robust diplomacy system that allows players to negotiate alliances, trade deals, and declare war on other nations. The diplomacy system adds a layer of complexity to the game and allows players to use diplomacy as a tool for victory.

Command Your Army:

The game allows players to command their armies on the battlefield, choosing the type of troops to deploy, their positioning, and the strategy to use. The game’s combat system is turn-based, and players must use their wits to outmaneuver their opponents.

Build Your Empire:

The game allows players to build and manage their empires, including managing their economies, researching new technologies, and upgrading their cities. Building a strong economy is crucial to success in the game.

Multiple Game Modes:

European War 5: Empire-Strategy APK features multiple game modes, including Campaign mode, Conquest mode, and Multiplayer mode. The game modes offer different challenges and experiences and provide players with hours of gameplay.

Customizable Gameplay:

The game allows players to customize the gameplay to suit their preferences, including adjusting the difficulty level, turning on or off the tutorial, and adjusting the game’s sound settings.

Free to Play:

The game is free, but players can purchase in-game items and currency with real money. However, these purchases are not necessary to enjoy the game.

Regular Updates:

The game receives regular updates introducing new content, fixing bugs, and improving gameplay. This ensures that the game remains fresh and enjoyable for players.

How to Install European War 5 Empire MOD APK?

  • Click on download European War 5 Empire MOD APK
  • After downloading the game, install it on your mobile by clicking on install now
  • Open the app and enjoy the thrilling gameplay on your mobile


European War 5: Empire-Strategy MOD APK is a strategy game in 18th-century Europe. The game offers players a realistic experience with historically accurate maps, weapons, and uniforms. Players can choose from 12 nations, each with strengths and weaknesses. The game includes a robust diplomacy system, army command options, empire-building features, multiple game modes, customizable gameplay, and regular updates. The game is free to play, making it accessible to all. European War 5: Empire-Strategy APK provides players with a challenging and immersive strategy game experience on their Android devices.


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