DYSMANTLE MOD APK v (God Mode/Free Craft)
It allows you to travel to many regions, complete various quests, and gather useful resources. This feature ensures you can customize the game and employ your strategy without restriction.
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December 2, 2023
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Dismantle items while fighting terrible monsters in Dysmantle MOD APK newest version. To fulfil your assignments, you will have a variety of weaponry and supplies.


Docool Limited’s Dysmantle APK is an RPG action game. It tests your ability to survive in a hard era, destroy stuff, and create a new universe. Every day will be a fight for survival.

You’ll explore the open environment, gather resources, and figure out how to survive. The game is not easy and will require you to make well-considered judgments.

Your foes will be varied! On the one hand, you’re fighting a gang of bandits, but on the other, you’re besieged by zombies. This element of surprise adds to the thrill of the game.

The fighting mechanism is also quite easy to utilize. To destroy your opponents, you can employ a range of weapons. Dysmantle APK can be played in any way you like. The main goal is to stay alive and have a good time!

High-Intensity Gameplay

This game transports you to a weird region filled with horrible animals. It puts your ingenuity and perseverance to the test.

One of the best parts of the game is the interactive exploration. It allows you to travel to many regions, complete various quests, and gather useful resources. This feature ensures you can customize the game and employ your strategy without restriction.


You’ll be surprised at how strange the world feels when you first start the game. It is devoid of any human soul and has been abandoned utterly. So the first order of business is to locate some food and drink. After that, you can begin looking for a suitable location to construct your shelter.

You will get access to new weapons and materials as you go through the game. These will aid you in surviving the hard environment and combating dangerous monsters. But, of course, you’ll also work to get off the dreadful island, which should be your ultimate aim.

Dysmantle APK Unique Features

Make a decision!

Do you want to battle or flee from unknown creatures? Whatever option you make will have an impact on your gameplay. None of the possibilities, however, will be a stroll in the park! You must be ready to deal with the ramifications.

System of Combat

In this adventure, you can utilize a variety of weapons, including firearms, knives, and even your bare hands. It’s entirely up to you! There are no correct or incorrect ways to play the game.

Ensure that 99 percent of all objects are destroyed

Almost everything in the game world can be destroyed. Houses, trees, rocks, and even automobiles fall into this category. In this situation, your main objective will be establishing a new order in the post-apocalyptic planet.

Exploration in an Open World

You have complete freedom to explore the large open environment in this game. There are no limits to where you can go or what you can do. You’ll solve puzzles, find important resources, and battle dangerous animals.

Survive while constructing new structures

You can begin reconstructing the world once you’ve defeated the evil creatures. This tool allows you to create your civilization with your own set of rules. You’ll also be able to create your own weapons, charms, equipment, and clothing.

Realistic 3d graphics

This game’s graphics are realistic. You will be attacked by monsters that seem almost real. The surroundings look to be familiar, but they are rather unsettling.

Sounds That Immerse You

The audio effects in the game are fantastic. The demons’ growls, your footsteps, and the background music will all be audible. All of these sounds contribute to the immersive environment.

Engage in Novel Activities

Winning the game would be difficult. You’ll need to explore the vast environment and figure out how to stay alive. Here are some of the tasks you must complete:


For food and supplies, you’ll have to shoot animals. Even a post-apocalyptic zoo is possible!


Crops can be grown to feed oneself and your companions. You’ll also have to defend your farm against monsters.


You can manufacture weapon systems, tools, clothing, and structures with the collected materials.


To protect yourself from the elements, you’ll need to construct shelters. Farms, jails, and hospitals are numerous structures you can construct.


You can explore the open world to learn more about it. During your adventures, you will meet new allies and adversaries.


To stay alive, you’ll have to cook the food you discover. Cooking can also be used to make new dishes and meals.


To unwind and make some additional cash, you can go fishing. First, you’ll need to build a boat and locate the ideal fishing spot.


Dysmantle APK is a fantastic game with a lot of content. The graphics and sounds are fantastic, and the action is quite engaging.

You should find strategies to keep yourself alive in the amazing environment. By completing riddles, you can improve your skills and weaponry.

The game’s hacked version will provide you with an even greater experience. It is ad-free and provides you with a limitless amount of resources. As a result, you should give it a shot!

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