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Driving School 2017 is the newest driving simulator that will teach you to drive many different cars. Driving School 2017 features some amazing environments like cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains, etc...
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April 8, 2023
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If you want to improve your driving skills or experience an authentic driving experience, you should try Driving School 2017. This latest driving simulator from Ovidiu Pop offers a realistic driving experience, where you can ride different types of cars and travel on varied roads. In this article, we will review the features of Driving School 2017.

Features of Driving School 2017 APK

Driving School 2017 MOD APK

Drive nearly 100 different vehicles

Driving School 2017 provides players with a chance to explore driving in various aspects. With nearly 100 different vehicles, players can learn how to drive different vehicles with completely different ways to operate and handle them.

Explore over 15 different maps

Driving School 2017 introduces gamers to over 15 different maps, allowing them to experience the most complete driving simulations. Each map consists of completely different tracks and driving conditions, allowing you to enjoy authentic gameplay like no other.

Learn how to drive with smooth and realistic car handling

In Driving School 2017 MOD APK, players will experience realistic car handling that features all the options that you would want to have on your vehicles. By paying attention to all the details, Driving School 2017 delivers the most realistic driving simulations.

Collect different licenses for varied categories

Driving School 2017 introduces gamers to many different types of cars from cars, and buses, to larger trucks. Players will have their chance to obtain licenses for all kinds of vehicles if they wish to learn how to drive them in this ultimate simulation title.

Take on the epic offline gameplay

With Driving School 2017 APK, players can enjoy the exciting single-player mode. Experience the epic riding game through over 80 challenging levels, which would take you through over 15 different maps with varied terrains and conditions.

Enjoy driving at its purest

For those who love driving on endless roads while enjoying the authentic simulation features, you’ll never find a game that’s more satisfying than Driving School 2017. Explore the Free Ride mode as you take your favorite cars through varied locations.

Play the game with friends and others

Driving School 2017 APK offers new multiplayer modes with exciting gameplay. Travel with your friends as you cruise through different roads and paths in the Free Ride. Challenge each other in intense and satisfying Racing games. Or compete with each other in the Catch the Flag matchups.

Explore the detailed interiors of varied vehicles

Each car in the game features accurate components and parts that you can see in real-life vehicles. It’ll make you feel like you’re actually riding in your own car.

Realistic physics and damaging elements

Driving School 2017 APK will require its players to be extremely cool and calm while on the road. With the realistic damage system, you’ll have your cars returned to you in poor condition.

Experience realistic elements while staying on the road

Players in Driving School 2017 will have their chance to experience the most realistic aspects of long-distance traveling, from traffic signs to accurate weather systems. The creators at Ovidiu Pop even go as far as giving you the Gas System, where players are required to pay attention to their gas levels and refill their tanks at gas stations located randomly on the roads.

Enjoy driving on the street like an actual driver

This game offers a realistic driving experience, where players can learn to drive comfortably with manual transmissions. Choose the right time to switch gears, adjust your speed through the clutch, and make clean turns by controlling your steering wheels carefully.

Simple and customizable controls

Driving School 2017 MOD APK offers comfortable controls like tilt steering, buttons, and touch steering. The game also supports controllers and gamepads, allowing players to connect and enjoy the game whenever they want.


Driving School 2017 is a highly-rated driving simulator game that offers a realistic driving experience to players. With its numerous features, such as various cars and challenging road conditions, the game provides an excellent opportunity for players to improve their driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules.

Driving School 2017 MOD APK

The game’s user-friendly interface and easy-to-learn controls make it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. Additionally, the game’s career mode provides players with a structured approach to learning, while the free drive mode allows for a more relaxed driving experience.

Despite some minor drawbacks, such as limited customization options and occasional technical glitches, Driving School 2017 is an enjoyable and educational game for anyone looking to enhance their driving abilities. Overall, the game is an excellent choice for those seeking a fun and engaging way to learn about driving and traffic safety.

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