Dog Town Mod APK: Pet Shop Game, Care & Play with Dog Mod APK v (Unlimited Money)

In Dog Town Mod APK, you have to purchase dogs, breed pets, care your pets and monitor their daily life activities. Download the game from our website.
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January 5, 2024
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Dog lovers around the globe have been delighted by Dog Town Mod APK recent release. It is a simulator for professional dog breeders. It also has a lot to offer in terms of economic strategy, cute RPG, and Tamagotchi. You will need to purchase four-legged pets at a specialty store, care for them, and monitor their daily lives and growth. You will eventually have your dog farm, where you can train, raise, and feed your pet dogs.

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Features of Dog Town APK 2024

Here are the main features of this adorable game.

Feed your Pets

You know that dogs love bread and circuses and animals love to eat. Make sure your puppy is well-fed. Dog Town has a special place where you can buy food. You must ensure that your four-legged friend is eating a balanced diet. Virtual dogs are no different from humans. They can also be overeating or obese.

Feeding the dog is only half of the job. It must be entertained. This is a game that provides the same pleasure as playing with a real pet. You can also learn a lot from playing with virtual puppies. Teach your virtual dog how to behave, reward, and discipline them appropriately, as well as how to properly train them. You can train your virtual dogs to become service or hunting dogs.

Create Perfect Breeds

Dog Town is moving in an interesting direction. The pet shop sells a wide range of dog breeds: from schnauzers and cocker spaniels to German shepherds and mongrels. Imagine yourself as a famous breeder, selecting purebred dogs for their purity of blood, character, and simple appearance. You can feel the talents of a breeder or geneticist within yourself and even try to create your breed.

The game mechanics can remember and reflect the pets’ properties throughout the game session. It is also a simulator for genetic biologists. There are many differences between dogs. It’s even more fascinating to see how your dogs will present themselves in the future generations of your wards.

Decorate the Life of Dog

Every dog desires a beautiful nursery. Dog Town also offers home improvement as an interesting aspect. You can find a variety of furniture, toys, and decorative items in your special area. The design can also be used as a layer in the gameplay process, like a mini-game within the main one.

Assign Tasks to Pets

Even with all its obvious benefits, such a game wouldn’t be as interesting without a quest component. It is found in Dog Town Mod APK and is extremely interesting. You can assign different tasks to your pets, and they can go on various quests. Some of these quests are worthy of being the envy of serious RPGs that have a non-linear plot. Your wards can improve their skills and gain experience while completing tasks – this is a type of RPG element.

Graphics and Sound in Dog Town Mod APK

Dog Town’s graphics are simple and easy to see. The designers and developers should be commended for their dedication to pets. They care deeply about their pets. These pets can make even the sternest, brutal and calculating man feel a surge of affection. High-quality decorative elements, backgrounds, and backgrounds are also available.

It was also enjoyable to listen to the musical accompaniment. There are blues and jazz variations everywhere, while country music is also present. The soundtrack encourages both a slow pace and progressive development. The sounds that the puppies make are often amazing.s

Features of Dog Town Mod APK 2024

  • Breed unlimited dogs.
  • Pets unlocked.
  • Ads free.

How to download Dog Town Simulator MOD APK on Android?

  • Click on the download APK button.
  • The downloading of the dog town hack mod APK will take few seconds.
  • After downloading, install the dog town mod APK unlimited money on your mobile and play it.


Pet Shop Game: Dog Town can be a delight for animal lovers of all ages. This game isn’t primitive. You can plan, design, and develop your pet’s future.



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