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Deliver It 3D lets players become the delivery driver. Beginning with a broken motorbike and a small parcel behind, a relatively small and only straight road, you can quickly locate who the person is.
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Dec 10, 2023
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Deliver It 3D MOD Apk is an arcade-style driving game by the well-known mobile game developer VooDoo. You’ll play as the delivery driver driving a truck that carries huge loads of cargo on the streets and taking them to the final destination.

Deliver It 3D MOD APK


Deliver It 3D lets players become the delivery driver. Beginning with a broken motorbike and a small parcel behind, a relatively small and only straight road, you can quickly locate who the person is. You can then deliver the package to him and then collect the cash.

However, that jolly ease is for the first few levels. From levels 6 to 7, the delivery process will become far more challenging. The parcels are growing larger and larger than the width and height of the vehicle, and the intersection is growing more and more distant, with more challenging curves and turns.

Particularly, the flow of cars going up and down the street was loud and chaotic. The traffic became denser and was moving at a higher speed, with no lines. Making you focus on the road, you can cross it in a fraction of a second before a truck comes crashing into you, right in the eyes of the person who ordered.

From beginning to end, the mission is straightforward Pickup and deliver packages to customers waiting to collect coins and gain levels. The control system in the game is very easy to grasp:

  • A long press for driving
  • Don’t hold the brake
  • Try to avoid collisions during driving
  • Earn cash, then proceed for the following mission

Controls and movements within the game are fluid and flexible. Every level can be played briefly, allowing you to take pleasure in every minute without having to put in excessive concentration, skill or brilliant strategies whatsoever.

It is important to concentrate on driving your delivery vehicle in the direction you’re going and a sense of satisfaction when the delivery is delivered or screaming out in remorse after being struck by a vehicle on the road. Deliver It 3D skips all unnecessary frills to clear the mind and let players play their own emotions throughout the game.

Attractive game

It can be seen in the perspective of exploring the theme and control technique throughout the game without obstacles or distractions. Also, is the gameplay in Deliver It 3D easily repetitive and boring?

It’s “Absolutely not”. Every level and each piece can present you with a different kinds of challenges. It can be challenging to maintain your balance, steer the car or even run at a slow pace since the package is high and the car has a slight tilt. In order to reach the person who is standing across the road, you will need to travel through a highway full of cars racing at an accelerated pace. Other times you will see many vehicles moving simultaneously and at various speeds, constantly moving in tandem.

What makes Deliver It 3D truly addictive is the variety of difficult scenarios you encounter on the roads. Various things could cause you to fall and fail to deliver the items. You must be extremely vigilant, cautious, and careful not to slip up even for a moment.

Audio and graphics

With a relaxed and casual look as it is today, the graphics in Deliver It 3D are very easy to use. It will fully represent cars, people and traffic, as well as packaged road signs and other roads. It’s just streamlined, with the emphasis placed on vibrant, lively colours. This allows you to completely concentrate on your game, driving and providing.

Deliver It 3D features a minimalist, lightweight, but extremely addicting gameplay and an entertaining sound and the positive energy the background music and graphics which Deliver It 3D brings will bring you a smile after spending a few minutes relaxing playing this game.


The concept is straightforward Drive around the street, drop off goods, pay for them, and deliver the goods again. It was my impression that I thought to Deliver It 3D would become boring after a few levels; however, the game gets more appealing with each level. Download to play Deliver It 3D immediately for a relaxing experience.

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