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Bridge Race MOD APK is an extremely cool bridge-building simulation. Your sole goal is to gather the correct amount of bricks shade to construct bridges across the ocean. 
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Bridge Race MOD APK is an extremely cool bridge-building simulation. Your sole goal is to gather the correct amount of bricks shade to construct bridges across the ocean. The story doesn’t end there.

Bridge Race MOD APK

Introduction to Bridge Race

Collect bricks, make bridges across the ocean, like it’s a joke!

The primary task of the bridge builder is to Bridge Race

I’ve decided to divide your job into primary and secondary parts. The main job in Bridge Race consists of two sections: going back and forth to gather as many bricks as possible to build bridges over the river or straight ahead. The other goal is to stop your opponent by facing them directly in front of them, to take them down and then throw away the bricks they’re carrying on their backs. If you are playing on your own with an AI game, the more scenarios you play through, the better the score you will get. If you are playing with others, the one who survives until the end of the game wins the game. In my opinion, playing with a large group of people is much more enjoyable.

These tips are designed suitable for you

People often cite the life principle as “put the first brick”. The person who lays the bridge’s foundation will have the land to construct the following components. It is recommended to do the same for this one. Since the number of bridges that need to be constructed will likely be lower than the number of builders. After you’ve constructed it, your opponent isn’t able to do anymore.

But fortunately, your opponent isn’t able to touch your bridge. This is true for single-player modes. You can carry on with the bricks and return without worrying about losing the part that is not completed with the condition that the number of bricks that you can carry on your shoulders must exceed the number of bricks the opponent is paving over their bridge. My opinion is that it’s too high a privilege.

Bridge Race MOD APK

Another trick I believe you must also be aware of before you play Bridge Race is: don’t take what you see as gospel. It’s about the correlation between the number of bricks you’ve gotten and your bridge’s length estimation. Based on my experience playing through more than 12 scenes, the bridge will always be longer than you imagine. As such, you’ll require more bricks. Therefore, the first thing you should do following “laying bricks” is to gather as many bricks as possible. If you don’t have the bricks, you have to gather more. If you only have one or two bricks, it’s very difficult! In addition, having more than the bricks you need is more advantageous since you’ll be able to immediately construct the foundation for the subsequent brick.

It is important to collect bricks

The final point is to Be careful not to allow the game’s bright colors to make your brain twitchy. It is important to collect bricks; however, also be sure to keep your opponent off. The other players also have the builders doing similar things. Their color and the bricks they have to gather are not like yours. To stop these adversaries, it is necessary to stand before them, pound and knock them down, and then remove all the bricks they possess. Being aware is also crucial as they could do the same thing to you.

Rewards and points in-game

You’ll earn bonus points every time you build bridges or find interesting objects while playing (except when you collect bricks). These points earned will help you purchase a brand new interface, which will improve your enjoyment and change the look the player has, as well as the brick placed on his shoulder.

Certain cool objects you encounter also provide many advantages, such as speeding coins, which allow you to speed up twice as fast as you normally do and accumulate bricks at high speed. Or an item that can freeze your opponent. If you use it, everything else is halted for a specific period, and you are free to move about as you please.

What’s fascinating is the reward mechanism. If the player gets down, the brick will fall to the ground, becoming grey. This is when you can collect these bricks and transform them into the color of your bricks. This is an object you can acquire after defeating an opponent we frequently encounter in fighting games that can make the game very intense.

As with every other game, some points aren’t as good. When playing Bridge Race, a small issue is that you have to go to the right place to find a shortage of bricks to build. I did not find it to be a hassle initially. However, after a couple of scenes, it became more numerous as the bridge’s length increased and the number of bricks needed to be collected multiplied. At the time of the flame, I had to travel between the two sides of the span of the bridge, which made me tired and inefficient.

Audio and graphics

Bridge Race’s graphics appear minimal and are in the style of color blocks. The only thing you can observe and appreciate in the game is monochromatic colors, including the builder’s image through the brick and bridge. However, this simple design makes the game more engaging. The background music is relaxing and doesn’t distract you, which can help you focus on gathering bricks and constructing bridges.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money In the game, there’s plenty of money available to you.

Download Bridge Race MOD APK v3.42 (Unlimited Money) 


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