Boba Story MOD APK v (Unlimited Money)

Customers will be served a variety of Boba tea in this game as you expand your menu gradually. You can provide different Boba teas in your menu and customize them.
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Mar 3, 2024
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If you’re a fan of cute simulation games, you can download the Boba Story MOD APK today! Have fun managing your store, which is the one that makes Boba today!

Boba Story MOD APK

Get the Mod of Boba Story APK Game

There are many enjoyable games you can play today. If you love playing various games, there are so many games you could take pleasure in.

There are action and puzzle games and RPG simulations, and others that you can try today. It is possible to have fun playing numerous fun games that feature cute stories like the Boba Story. Here, you’ll be able to manage your shop selling milk tea!

If you’re a fan of adorable games, you’ll play this game by B-Tech Consulting Group. You can manage your store that sells Boba milk teas with this enjoyable game. You can freely embellish your store in this game as you get more customers.

You can also broaden your menu by offering diverse drinks with cute designs the present. You can customize every drink you like by adding cute toppings like Boba, Boba, and other options. Enjoy yourself playing games in this entertaining game now!

Manage a Milk Tea Company

There are many enjoyable games to play now during your spare time. If you are a fan of all kinds of games, you’ll get a hold of them and play them in the present.

Some games simulate action games, RPG puzzles, and others. If you are a fan of cute games that can ease your worries, then you’ll find plenty of them to play you are right now. If you’re obsessed with milk tea, there’s a game for you to take on Boba Story right now and take pleasure!

With this online game, you’ll get to manage your own milk tea company starting from beginning to finish. You can decorate your shop with various wall designs, flooring, table chairs, and other furniture you can purchase.

Boba Story MOD APK

Customers will be served a variety of Boba tea in this game as you expand your menu gradually. You can provide different Boba teas in your menu and customize them. You can choose from various styles when you make your own teas!

Enjoy a variety of mini-games, and start your tea shop today! Enjoy yourself as you gain numerous customers.

Boba Story Features

If you’re a fan of cute playing games, you can play Boba Story now.

Fun game

If you’re a fan of playing different games, plenty of enjoyable ones are available today. You can play and enjoy the variety of games available to play anytime you like.

You can play various amazing games now while you relax on your smartphone. If you’re a fan of playing adorable games, you can download Boba Story now. This game lets you manage your own tea business.

Nowadays, there are many milk tea stores across the globe. Their popularity and influence have been growing since the first time they were introduced. With Boba Story, you’ll run your own milk tea company beginning from scratch. You’ll happily serve customers while earning cash.

You can put the money back into your business by constructing it using various items and furniture. You can also include it in your menu as you alter the milk tea flavors and designs! Enjoy serving your milk tea today.

Decorate your shop

There’s nothing more satisfying for a small-scale business owner than seeing their business grow. When you earn a significant amount of money by providing services to customers, you can utilize the profits to decorate your store.

In this game, you can pick from various floors, walls and furniture that you can include inside your store. You can customize your shop by adding table chairs, tables, and other items right now within the gameplay. If you’re a fan of adorable games, this is for you.

Modify your menu

With Boba Story, you can also personalize your menu completely! You can enjoy what you want as you alter your menu.

It’s yours to enjoy by creating various flavors and drinks at your store. You can choose your own toppings, cup style, and color today. You can include them in your menu any time, and you can enjoy the many milk teas available at your store!

Different mini-games

If you’re bored of servicing customers, try playing various mini-games. There’s plenty to pick from and play within this game.

You’re welcome to play the game while you enjoy playing a range of miniature games today. Download it today to learn more about this game now!

Get it now! Boba Story Mod APK Unlimited gems and money

Do you enjoy milk teas? Get Boba Story right now and experience the fun while managing your store.

Download Boba Story MOD APK v0.10.1 (Unlimited Money)  


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