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RPG fun is available With Bit Heroes. You can play with friends or automate your gameplay at the touch of an icon. Gather powerful equipment, solicit the assistance of friends and engage in battle with the other gamers, and so more.
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Jan 30, 2024
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Bit Heroes MOD APK is a fan of fantasy adventures with a role-playing or tactical style and will love this game. Through this storyline, the player is allowed to fight or take to adventure with friends all over the world. Bit Heroes’ game mechanics will be well-known to players in the field, while novices will be able to grasp it quickly. Pick either one of the suggested teams or design the leader of your choice. Create an epic campaign by handing out the artifacts, weapons, and magical scrolls available at the tale’s beginning.

Bit Heroes MOD APK


RPG fun is available With Bit Heroes. You can play with friends or automate your gameplay at the touch of an icon. Gather powerful equipment, solicit the assistance of friends and engage in battle with the other gamers, and so more. Developer Kongregate takes players back to the original pixelated RPG period. The official community page for Bit Heroes helps players, new and old learn about the most recent advancements within Bit Heroes so that they can play with a greater knowledge of the game’s mechanics.

Explore and fight your way through an open world influenced by your favorite dungeon heroes or monsters from 16-bit and 8-bit timeframes. Take pictures of heroes and monsters to battle alongside you in old-fashioned, turn-based battles and gather and construct numerous pieces of equipment from dungeons to boost your strength and build your group. Demonstrate that you’re the strongest hero on the planet by winning battles in the arena of PvP, completing dungeon-based raids, and creating the most formidable guild that will accompany you to combat!

Bit Heroes MOD APK Features

Gather the team

Collect monsters and a variety of other characters and form a formidable squad. Take on the opposition once you’ve gathered the most powerful and well-recruited team possible. The quality of your team and the strength and power of your team will determine the likelihood of success.

Dungeons of Loot

You can mine and go deep into the underground dungeons to get a wide range of things. Going deeper into the mines will increase the chances of obtaining significant treasures.

Upgrade and Craft

Making and mixing, and matching can improve your character. Awards earned can be combined to make new items for your character later.

Aim for Bounties

Bounties are the equivalent of a game’s level to quests. Players are given two bounties every day, and you’ll be able to collect as many as ten bounties at any moment. Scavenger hunts are an excellent way to win prizes and even cash. Profit from this by completing the bounties as swiftly as you can. The tasks you’ll receive are usually easy and simply require players to play in a certain method, so you won’t need to worry about how you can complete these tasks. Check your daily bounty to determine which ones you’ll be able to complete normally.

Bit Heroes MOD APK

Conquer the Dungeons

In the game, there are many dungeons that you can explore. The fact that they’re created randomly enhances the novelty of the game. It is impossible to get bored playing the same dungeon since it’s unique each time. This also means that even when you visit the same dungeon over and over, you could win different prizes.

Auto Play Option

Without grinding without a grind, it’s impossible to say that the RPG is full. It’s good that this game is equipped with an extremely powerful Automated Play AI. It can usually pay for itself without worrying about losing its life. Of course, it’s helpful to be overpowered, too. You’ll frequently be grinding to take advantage of this chance to increase your level while performing other activities. Choose the hardest difficulty level you can handle, and then turn on Auto Play. Keep an eye on the screen as you’ll have to tap when you encounter a merchant or convince a Familiar to join your team.

Potions to Stockpile and Use

There’s not much need for potions when getting started. The dungeons, on the other hand, will get more challenging as you progress through the game. It’s recommended to protect your potions and collect as many as possible. They’ll be needed in the future when you’re facing off against stronger opponents. Don’t be hesitant to utilize these. Drink a potion when your health falls below 50 or earlier when your opponent is especially formidable.

Become a Guild Member

It is important to remember that choosing the best group to be a part of is important. You should be able to join a guild that has active and committed members. The reason is that strong guild members can make playing easier. When playing dungeons, you’ll bring your guild members, so choose those who can assist you through boss battles. If you join a guild, you’ll not just receive assistance with dungeons but also be capable of earning points. The points can be exchanged for various useful products from the guild shop. In this game, being part of an appropriate guild could make a difference it is a good idea to join a guild immediately.

Bit Heroes MOD APK


If you’d like to experience the battle mode, you can go to arena mode and battle with an opponent. The victory rate is based on the strategies used to attack your opponent when you play in the arena. Counter-offensives against those who are the most skilled in their strategy and movement.

Chat with other people from all over the world

Change to global chat. In the world chat mode, If you have questions about the game strategy employed, you can speak to experts from the game. You can ask them any questions, and the experts will answer.

Expedition Mounts

Mining is not the only thing that will be provided in addition to the mining, but also the mode of mountain acceleration. If you’re exhausted from digging into the mine, set off on an adventure up the mountain. The reward will be given at the top of the mountain once you’ve completed the challenge.


Simple and basic gestures operate the game. After you’ve entered this game, you’ll be taught everything you need to learn about it. If you’re struggling at any level, use the tips below to guide you through the game. When you start the game, everything relevant to the initial level will be explained as a reference point, and you’ll be able to verify later in your Bit Heroes Mod Apk settings.


The application has amazing images that the players love. Using color to differentiate different mine chambers has made it simpler to play the game experience for players.


There are many rewards to be found inside the boxes when you go on mountain mining and explorations. It is necessary to find the key, then open the boxes. Each prize will also have an amount of money, with gold and diamonds being the most valuable when playing.

Home screen with a touch interface

You’ll be able to browse every one of the games rated and more if you’ve got an efficient and user-friendly homepage. You’ll be able to study all of these aspects in one place. You can look through all the specified characteristics from the homepage screen.

You can play this game with your phone or laptop

Bit Heroes MOD APK is one of the most popular games you can play on your smartphone or computer. It can be played on both systems for those who want to discover the amazing details. You can play the game and learn all the features that are rated.

Bit Heroes MOD

Exceptional Guide

The wonderful guides let you explore all the highly-rated attractions in one convenient place. It comes with all maps for ferry crossings, leading you to all top-rated locations and others. Therefore, download this game on your personal computer.

Unlimited Gems/Gold/Money

Within this Bit heroes hack apk, you’ll receive unlimited gems, and you don’t need to purchase anything in the game store using real money. So, using Bit Heroes Cheats, you will have unlimited gold and energy. Do not be concerned about purchasing in-game items using real-world cash; get this Bit Heroes Hack Apk.


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Bit Heroes MOD APK v2.4.740 (Unlimited Money)

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