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Axie Infinity APK is a popular 3D battle pet game that allows players to raise, breed, and train unique creatures called Axies.
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January 11, 2023
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Axie Infinity APK is a popular 3D battle pet game that allows players to raise, breed, and train unique creatures called Axies. The game’s official launch was on November 20th of 2018 after the pre-sale period which allowed players to get in earlier for free. The developers are planning to release new content every month, including features like breeding, new Axies, and limited edition art.

Axie Infinity is available for free via Google Play or directly from their website. Though players who want to get into the game now can purchase Axie eggs through their presale store that contains over 100 eggs and a demo Axie. The price of the eggs will increase as more eggs are added to the store.

Axie Infinity is available for iOS or Android for free on Google Play or directly from their website. Players who want to get into the game now can purchase Axie eggs through their presale store that contains over 100 eggs and a demo Axie. The price of the eggs will increase as more eggs are added to the store.

What is Axie Infinity APK?

Axies are a new species of monster that lives on the blockchain. They’re bought and sold for Ethereum, battled in self-organized tournaments, and raised as part of your digital family. Your collection lives right alongside your other more traditional investments like Bitcoin.”

Features of Axie Infinity APK 2023

  • Breed, train and battle unique creatures called Axies in a 3D world.
  • Collect over 200 Axies – each with their own unique genes, stats, and looks. Breed them to discover new species!-Play in 3rd or 1st person – choose your view!
  • Interactive environments with dynamic weather and phases change based on time of day.
  • Train your Axie in the Lab to increase their power. Equip them with stat-boosting gear that you earn from battles. Earn XP after each battle that will level up your Axie faster!
  • Battle other Axies that are at or below your level. Gain experience and special rewards for winning!
  • Unlock new battle arenas and train your Axies against more difficult opponents.-Discover the lore of Axie Infinity through secret Easter eggs and in gamebooks

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create my account for Axie Infinity?

To create your account, you need to first install the game. Then follow the link. Fill in all required fields and after that, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Click that link and your account is ready!

2. How to log into Axie Infinity?

To enter the game, you need to click on the “Login” button. Then you have two options – use your Facebook account or create your username and password so that other users can’t access your account information. After entering the game, you must fill in all required fields if it’s the first time you enter the game.

3. Can I play Axie Infinity APK on PC?

Axie Infinity is a mobile game, so when you enter the game, it will ask you which device do you use (iOS or Android). If you want to play on your PC, then simply download an android emulator such as bluestacks or any other emulator you like. After download, open bluestacks and enter the game using your Axie Infinity APK username/password.

4. What do I get for participating in closed beta?

All accounts which were created before the 30th of April will receive 0.5 ETH once the game goes live (if you play screen under your Axie avatar picture, there are 4 buttons – Inventory, Marketplace, Battle Arena, and Arena Shop . . Then enter the game and play, but you can’t chat with your friends and other users.

  5.  What is this menu on the left side of my screen?

On the left side of your screen, there are 5 menu buttons with different colors – red, blue, green, yellow, and grey. Every button has something to do with your Axie. If you click on the red button (Info’s), you will see a piece of information about your account (the number of Axies in your collection). If you click on the blue button (Marketplace), you can buy other Axies from other players.  Click on the green button (Inventory) you will see all your own Axies. If you click on the yellow button (Arena Shop), you can buy different items for battles, and finally, if you click the grey button (Battle Arena), you will enter a battle platform where you can fight with other Axies.

  6. Why do I need some ethers on my account after each battle?

In the battles, you fight with your own Axies or with others from around the world. If you win a battle, your money will grow and if you lose a battle, it will decrease.

7.  How many Axies can I have on my account?

On your personal page, you can see all information about your own Axies – its collection number and the Axie’s levels. You can have up to 30 Axie with an unlimited number of Axies in the storage.

 8. How to Buy an Axie?

To buy your first Axie, you need to click on the Marketplace button. There are 3 menu buttons – Sell, Buy, and Transfer. If you want to sell your own Axies/items then click the Sell button. If you want to buy another user’s Axies or items then click the Buy button. And you want to transfer your Axies/items to another user then click the Transfer button.

9. Why can I add only one extra defense in my next battle?

This is because we added a timer for battles which means that you can’t make any moves in the next battle phase until the previous phase ends (each phase lasts 24 hours).

10.  Why can’t I access some parts of the game?

If you don’t have any Axies on your account, then after entering the game and clicking on the Marketplace button, and trying to buy an item (which costs ETH) it will ask you for a confirmation that you really want to do this. This is to prevent any mistakes and protect your account information.

11. How long does it take for an Axie/item to be delivered?

Every transaction in the game has a fee which is called a Gas Fee. With every action you perform in the game, there will be a certain amount of gas used from your account. You can see this information on your page below the cost of an Axie/item. The gas fee is paid to the miners who process all transactions in the network, so if you want faster deliveries then you need to increase your Gas Limit. When you go to purchase something, click on advanced options, where you will find these 2 values – Gas Limit and Gas Price. If you change the gas price, be sure to check on advanced options if your new Gas limit is enough for this transaction. Also, there is a minimum amount of gas that you can use in one transaction – 21000.

Final Words

Axie Infinity APK Mod is a 3D battle pet game that allows players to raise and train their own unique creatures called Axies. Players can trade, sell or even give away these digital pets on the blockchain-based marketplace in order to acquire other Axies with more powerful abilities. If you’ve always wanted an interactive creature of your very own (and who hasn’t?), then this app might be for you! Download it today from Google Play or Apple App Store and see if we were right about how much fun you’ll have raised and battling your new virtual friend!

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