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Apple Pie APK app allows you to prank your friends in public. Different pranking modes can be used, making it more entertaining than similar Android prank apps.
Apple Pie
May 8, 2023
1.3 MB
4.0 and up
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Steve Jobs is the inspiration behind Apple pie APK. The app has no other role than the icon for the app. This app is designed for Android smartphones. Users will view Apple Pie APK as a related app to Steve Jobs. It’s a deceitful photo, and your friends will be compelled to download this app. After it is installed, the app will begin to show its real colors. This app allows you to prank your friends in public. Different pranking modes can be used, making it more entertaining than similar Android prank apps. It is the best prank app for friends.

The Apple pie APK download link can be sent to your friends via WhatsApp or other messaging platforms. It appears to be a normal Apple app. After installation, however, the app will take over the user’s smartphone and play the Moaning voice at full volume. Yes! Yes! The app will change the user’s voice and the wallpaper and Ringtone to make the user more embarrassing in public. This fun Android app makes it easy to fool others. We will be sharing the details about the App in this post.

Apple Pie APK App Features

 Supports older Android Smartphones

It is an app that you can use to prank friends. It’s an easy app that supports almost all Android versions. It will work on older smartphones without any problems. Although it claims that it requires Android 4.0+ to work properly, testing has shown that it is compatible with older phones. The Apple Pie APK prank works on any Android smartphone.

Completely Secure App–Apple Pie APK

Many people doubt that the App will steal your data. This is false. Official developers dispelled the rumors and said that the app doesn’t steal personal data from your phone. The third-party analysis also confirmed that the app doesn’t steal any data from your smartphone. This app is safe to download on smartphones. The app doesn’t collect any data to benefit the developers. It’s safe to download this app on Android phones.

Apple Pie APK is Easy to run

It is important to verify the app’s size before you send it over Telegram or WhatsApp. The App sound file download is extremely lightweight. It is lightweight at just a few Megabytes, so it is easy to send and install. This app works flawlessly on low-end devices. This app can be sent to friends and colleagues for amusement, which won’t take up much internet bandwidth. Don’t worry, and you can share this app with your friends and colleagues without any problems.

100% Safe & Free

Yes. Apple Pie APK iOS is available for free. This app is free to download and use on Android. This app is free to all users, thanks to the developer. All you need to do is download the Apple Pie APK Android. We have provided direct links to the apple pie prank application for Android in this post.

Unlimited Ad-Free Use

We have used many pranks apps. Unfortunately, many of these apps are full of ads. Many apps have annoying video ads and full-banner ads. Too many ads can reduce the user experience and irritate. It is the only app that doesn’t have advertisements. It is free from ads and is one of the best Android apps. You can prank your friends, and the ads won’t interrupt the app.

How to download Apple Pie APK New Version 2023 on Android?

  • Click on the download now button.
  • The downloading of App will start.
  • After downloading, install the apple apk download the prank app on your mobile, and use it.

Final Thoughts

Pranks are a great way to have fun in school and college. The way you prank your friends and colleagues have changed dramatically with the advent of technology. Many smartphone users have found Apple Pie APK Download apps to be a great way to prank their friends and embarrass them publicly. It’s fun if you are mature.

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